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One of the first major events that ZS participated in was Archon in 2004. They hosted a seminar that dealt with basic disaster preparation under the guise of how to "survive a zombie apocalypse" which included the creation and use of a bug-out bag (or BOB), which they have continued to host annually at the convention.

Since its inception in 2003, ZS has organized charity events for organizations such as Meals on Wheels, American Red Cross, [1], Youth In Need, Feed My People, Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean County, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Project S.H.A.R.E. and they have raised thousands of dollars for Hurricane Katrina relief and they've raised thousands of dollars for Greensburg, Kansas relief after the tornado on May 4th 2007.

They have participated in several flash mob-like events known as Zombie Walks to raise awareness for blood drives for the American Red Cross and local food banks. Their contributions to these charity organizations and events include the aforementioned zombie walks, zombie movie nights, trivia nights, Hotwheels car races, food collection, and holiday parties.<ref>[2]</ref>


Other Community Activity

Zombie Squad's principal event is a convention known as ZombieCon.[3] The first annual ZombieCon took place in June of 2005, and was staged in the style of a camping/hiking trip in Irondale, Missouri. ZombieCons consist of survival seminars, trips to a local shooting range, watching zombie movies and canoeing. A similar event called Wintergeddon is held in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, the first of which occurred on January 5th, 2006.<ref>[4]</ref>

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