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The current main page is tentative until such a time as a more comprehensive version can be completed. For 
now the Discussion page will be used to develop the permanent version.


Welcome to the Zombie Squad Wiki! Zombie Squad is an elite zombie suppression task force ready to defend your neighborhood from the shambling hordes of the walking dead, but since it doesn't look like our unmatched zombie suppression skills will be needed in time soon we spend most of our time preparing for more likely disasters and teaching others about preparedness. This wiki is devoted to addressing all subjects related to disaster preparedness, self-sufficient living, and all other things Zombie Squad. Sorry for taking awhile to get back to you. I like what you have on the home page as far as the contribution setup. The wiki tutorial is a definite must and is one of the best and easiest to understand around, IMO. You are likely much more familiar with Wiki editing than I am, and the home page looks good. I've done some dabbling here and there and I know the basics (and probably more than most people), but I am by no means an advanced wiki user or the like. I know enough to be dangerous.

Please keep all discussion below this line and all article material above it

mrdbeau's thoughts on the main page

large, overall introduction to ZS, discussing the community, talking about fundraising efforts and actual charity projects, the various "official" chapters, and the like. Something like "Links About Zombie Squad" except actually being on the front page. From there, links to more in-depth articles would likely be appropriate (someone from ZS St. Louis would have to compile a good history of fundraising efforts and community involvement, etc.).

the contribution outline should likely be linked to off the home page or perhaps even put in the Navigation box (if that can be done ?).

the "Where to go from here" stuff should perhaps be established on a new page which would be linked to off of the "main page" with the ZS stuff. Something about going more in-depth with the survivalist concept, or something like that.

derajer's response

I agree with pretty much everything you said, except that I think we need to keep some of the "where to go from here" links like the BOB link front and center since once the wiki is really up and going that is probably going to be exactly what a lot of new-comers are going to be looking for. Also, I think that the Main Page you envision should be posted just before we "go public" and that the contribution section should remain in the lime-light until that time, because for now most of the people we are attracting will be ZSers who are coming to contribute. Perhaps we should begin the new page under the discussion tab of the current one?

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