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The Smith & Wesson Model 686 is a double-action, .357 Magnum, revolver that is highly regarded by many gun enthusiasts. It is the stainless steel version version of the "Distinguished Combat Magnum" based on the S&W L Frame (medium-large frame) series of revolvers.



The S&W 686 is offered in a number of barrel lengths.

Appeal to Survivalists

Revolvers in .357 Magnum set a standard among Law Enforcement Officers (LEO's) as a reliable combat handgun. The S&W Model 686 is more than adequate for handgun hunting all except the largest and most dangerous North American game as well. It also has the versatility of being able to chamber cheaper .38 Special loads, birdshot (snake shot) rounds, and hand reloads making it an excellent weapon for a PAW scenario.

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