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Welcome to the Zombie Squad Wiki! Zombie Squad International is an elite zombie suppression task force, ready to defend your neighborhood from the shambling hordes of the walking dead; however since it doesn't look like our unmatched zombie suppression skills will be needed any time soon, we spend most of our time preparing for more likely disasters and teaching others about preparedness.

As of December 2012, Zombie Squad International is also a registered 501(c)3 public charity organization and contributions to Zombie Squad are tax deductible. [1]

This wiki is devoted to addressing all subjects related to disaster preparedness, self-sufficient living, and all things Zombie Squad.

Where to Go From here

Here are some links to the most common subjects that new-comers to the Zombie Squad website have questions about.

Links About Zombie Squad

The following links address various subjects specifically related to Zombie Squad such as our history, concept, and the services we provide.

Contributing to the Zombie Squad Wiki

Anyone can contribute to the Zombie Squad Wiki by clicking on the Edit tab in an article. Before beginning to contribute however, you should check out some handy helping tools such as the Wikipedia Tutorial. It is important to realize that in contributing to the Zombie Squad Wiki, users are expected to be civil and neutral respecting all points of view, and only add verifiable and factual information rather than personal views and opinions. When there is a relevant debate on an issue the debate should be addressed in the article, presenting both side equally to the best ability of the contributor. If there is dispute over the content of an article then use the Discussion tab to start or engage in a discussion about the subject. Most articles start as stubs or are otherwise incomplete, but with contributions of many users' knowledge they mature into authoritative sources on their subject. Before writing a new article you should confirm that it does not already exist. Check the "All Pages" page and the categories page to look for the article or a similar article to edit before starting a new one.

Editing Zombie Squad Wiki Pages

The wiki uses a simple interface that allows contributors to focus their efforts on the addition of information that is clearly formatted using sections and subsections, automatic references and cross-references, image and table inclusion, indented and listed text, links ISBNs and math, as well as usual formatting elements and most world alphabets and common symbols. Most of these have simple formats that are deliberately very easy and intuitive. Poor quality edits or vandalism can quickly and easily be reversed or brought up to an appropriate standard by many other editors, so inexperienced editors cannot accidentally do permanent harm if they make a mistake in their editing. As there are many more editors intent upon good quality articles than any other kind, articles that are poorly edited are usually corrected promptly.

What the Zombie Squad Wiki Is and Is Not

The Zombie Squad Wiki is a reference for all things related to preparedness, survival, disasters, emergency management, and other subjects specifically related to Zombie Squad. It is not a complete encyclopedia and should not be used as such.

How to improve articles

When you find an article that is incomplete or inaccurate, you can edit the article to help make the Zombie Squad Wiki more accurate and useful.

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