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A burn dressing is a bandage that has been saturated with a sterile liquid that helps to soothe the burn as well as protect it from further complications such as infection. These can make an excellent addition to a first aid kit.



Variants & Use

  • Petroleum Jelly - based dressings are among the oldest burn treatments. However these are only good for minor burns and have little soothing ability. To use: Peel from wrapping and but jelly side to burn. Cover with gauze to hold in place.
  • Hydrogel or Water Jel (tm) - dressings are standard for first and second degree burns and are superior to petroleum jelly based dressings in preventing burn progression. However they are not for full thickness (i.e. third degree) burns. (Exception: Water-Jel Fire Blanket is for any patient burned over a large area of the body.) Remove dressing from wrap and apply coated side to burn, remove backing. To use: Cover with gauze to hold in place. For blanket simply cover patient in blanket and transport as soon as possible.
  • Silverlon (tm) and Acticoat (tm) - silver ion dressings and bandages keep burns, including full thickness burns (i.e. third degree burns) bacterially and fungically free for up to seven days. However these also do not sooth pain from lesser burns. These dressings are typically applied after burn has been initially cleaned and treated.

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