Zombie Squad's mission is to educate the public about the importance of personal preparedness and self reliance, to increase its readiness to respond to a number of disasters such as Earthquakes, Floods or Zombie Outbreaks.

To achieve this goal we provide a number of services:


We offer a number of "zombie survival" courses to give you the confidence knowing that you are better prepared to survive when dead come for you.

Charity Work

We support a number of charities through charity fundraising events, volunteering our time or monetary donation.

  • Fundraiser Events
  • Food Drives
  • Volunteering
  • Canned Food Drives
  • Blood Drives

Thanks to our members and those that have bought our merchandise, we can afford to up on large events. Proceeds from the Zombie Squad Store helps to pay for our webspace/forum but a large portion of the proceeds also go to Disaster relief Charities and as a way for us to cover expenses for our charitable events. Our store proceeds cover all of our operating and administrative costs so that every dollar donated goes to the charity we are working with.

Online Disaster Preparation Education

  • Videos and PSA - Using technology of the future, we are able to share educational information through moving pictures on the internet.
  • Forum - One of our more popular features is our zombie survival forum. We use the forum to discuss topics like disaster scenarios, personal survival experiences, product reviews (items like survival kits and radio equipment), make plans for future events, and, of course, critique "zombie training films".
  • ZSS Feed - The Zombie Squad Syndicate is a collection of useful tips and reviews from the experts for reference to help prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. If you're interested in sharing your knowledge and contributing, contact us.

Zombie Con

Zombie Con is a large annual camping gathering of ZS members from around the world. We get together make plans for the future of Zombie Squad, test out our survival skills, and enjoy each others company while taking a needed vacation from the stress of our work.

Zombie Removal Service

Nobody knows the walking dead like Zombie Squad. With one of the toughest training programs in the business, our Zombie Extermination Specialists make up the world's premier non-stationary cadaver suppression task force.