Our mission is to protect civilization from the infringement of the walking dead upon the rights of the living to a peaceful existence. Zombie Squad does this through the implementation of a three step plan of action.

Find the Problem

Through a combination of paid informants, tips from the public and our unique undead tracking techniques, Zombie Squad is constantly alert to incidents of revivication.

Zombie Squad utilizes the cutting edge of computer technology to compile and maintain a list of Zombie Hot Spots worldwide. These areas are prioritized according to a specific criteria known only to Zombie Squad's master statisticians.

Get to the Problem

Any mobile strike force is dependent on a strong logistics and transportation arm in order to carry out it's orders, and Zombie Squad is no different.

Through strategic partnerships, Zombie Squad maintains its fleet of transport vehicles. The Squad also maintains several top of the line passenger vehicles for movement within urban environments. Utilizing this resource, Zombie Squad can be at any location in a minimal amount of time.

Eliminate the Problem

Information and logistics are an important part of the organization's structure, but at its core, Zombie Squad is an elite strike force dedicated to the eradication of the undead in all theaters of combat.

So watch the graveyards and mortuaries. Watch your friends and relatives. Be aware that the undead can be anywhere. Be ready for their attack.

If you should encounter the undead menace, then don't hesitate to call Zombie Squad. Find out for yourself why Zombie Squad is the world's premier non-stationary cadaver suppression task force.