News & Events

  • Zombie Con 2018

    Zombie Con
    June 27th - July 1st
    Zombie Con is a once a year retreat for Zombie Squad members who come from around the world.
  • Zombie Con 2017

    June 21st - June 25th
    Zombie Con is a once a year retreat for Zombie Squad members who come from around the world.
  • Goodbye Winter! Hello Nature!

    Make sure you're ready before you leave the house.
    In many of the areas where our members live, winter is giving way to spring and people are heading outside to get reacquainted with nature. Before you leave the house, make sure you have what you need.
  • Surprise! Car zombie!

    Car Safety for the Zombie Squader
    Operating a vehicle is serious business. Unexpectedly finding a zombie in the vehicle with you can be distracting and could cause death and/or mayhem.
  • September is National Preparedness Month

    Plan to live longer. It'll make your enemies angry.
    We're not saying the government is run by an ancient race of lizard people, but if it is, their National Preparedness Month initiative is pretty great. So maybe lizard people aren't all that bad?
  • Fall Back...Into Fire Safety!

    Be prepared for house fires
    Ever have someone tell you to "go die in a fire?" Well, maybe you should try being nicer. In the meantime, don't listen to them.
  • Conditioning hike with 30 LB Pack.

    Into The Woods With Woods Walker
    Once again, Woods Walker puts theory into practice. "Ok 30 pounds isn't a bunch of weight or is it? Just for fun load up a pack till it's actually 30 lbs on a scale then lift it. Yup, it's a bit heavier than the number sounds on the computer screen..."
  • Las Vegas Chapter - ZSC:009

    Las Vegas Zombie Squad Chapter
    ZSC009 in Las Vegas is one of our more active chapters and has been in operation since February 2009.
  • Milwaukee Chapter - ZSC:053

    Milwaukee Zombie Squad Chapter
    Launched in September of 2014, ZSC:053 in the Milwaukee Area is currently the newest Zombie Squad Chapter.
  • Winter Camping Safety Tips

    Preparing for adventures in the harsh winter wonderland
    According to the Farmer's Almanac much of the USA will see a harsh 2014-2015 winter. In this article Woods Walker gives us since tips on how to avoid dying while camping in the frozen waste lands.
  • Official Zombie Squad Shirt

    An image from Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead that shows how bad ass you'll look in this shirt.
    Classic Black T-Shirt (As Seen in Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead)

    Want to be transformed into a bad ass zombie extermination specialist who could be dropped into the plot of Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead and never bat an eyelash in the face of impending doom? Buy this shirt.

  • 2013/14 State of the Squad

    Summary of ZS activities for ZombisCal Year 2013
    As an organization of volunteers, Zombie Squad's mission is two fold. First, we want to encourage people to learn more about basic preparedness so we can all survive any coming apocalypse. The second part is to try and make the world a better place to live in now, before that inevitable apocalypse happens. We accomplish this by helping our members and chapters stage events and perform services in their local communities.
  • Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

    Art Imitates Life as Zombie Squad Takes to Theaters
    Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead is playing in theaters across known world. Nazi Zombies vs. Zombie Squad? What are you waiting for?
  • #Ferguson

    Real-world application of preparedness plans
    Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri show us how chaotic life can quickly become. Whichever side of the line you're on, and especially if you're just caught in the middle, stay safe.
  • Getting the Most from Your Boots

    Proper boot care is good for the sole.
    "I've noticed many threads about picking out the right pair of boots, and none about what to do with them once you've got them. I've also noticed that a lot of people in general buy a nice pair of boots, take them out of the box, and then wear them until they fall apart a few years later and then buy another pair of nice boots. This is wrong." - Forum Member "qwertyuiop"