Practicing for a disaster or Putting that gear to use

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Practicing for a disaster or Putting that gear to use

Post by PistolPete » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:08 pm

The best way to test your gear and skills is to get out and try it. One way to do that is to pretend there is a disaster and react the way you would need to. Perhaps you want to see how well that new pack carries when you walk home from work. Maybe you want to see how well you can start a fire in the rain, or whether that Mountain House dehydrated food is worth eating if you have to evacuate. There is no substitute for experience.

This thread is to collect some folks that have taken the time to capture their experiences. They tend to be a mix of gear reviews and personal skills evaluation. They are all worth reading. This is what ZS is all about, getting out there and practicing before you need to rely on skills or gear.

First, a thread where xxxDarksidexxx tests his GHB and his plan to get home from work: ... 14&t=69948" onclick=";return false;

DamageGaze and his buddy from ZSC-016 did a mock bug out: ... 32&t=60157" onclick=";return false;

We tend to learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. Mystic_1 offers details on a trip gone wrong: ... 32&t=66805" onclick=";return false;

CipherNameRaVeN's mock bug out write up: ... 14&t=69636" onclick=";return false;

Woods Walker hits the Appalachian trail: ... 14&t=50056" onclick=";return false;

Defeater tries his hand at a mock bug out: ... 14&t=68890" onclick=";return false;

xxxDarksidexxx's step by step shelter experience: ... 14&t=67075" onclick=";return false;

Here is a trip report from Murph, NYKh, MaxRite: ... 32&t=67146" onclick=";return false;

masterblaster666 shares his experience bugging out on a scooter: ... 32&t=61827" onclick=";return false;

I'm sure there are a ton of other great trip reports I've missed, drop me a PM and I'll add 'em to this thread.
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Re: Practicing for a disaster

Post by whisk.e.rebellion » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:28 pm

Sigboy also put up and did a mock "get home" where he tested his kit and his skills. ... 14&t=63504" onclick=";return false;

Or, if you want to skip to the AAR: ... 1#p1364391" onclick=";return false;

Or skip to the pretty pictures: ... 1#p1367231" onclick=";return false;
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