Mock ZPAW Firefight! Hosted by Chapter 13 Aug 14-15

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Mock ZPAW Firefight! Hosted by Chapter 13 Aug 14-15

Post by Keith B » Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:51 am

ZSC:013 Presents 1st Annual Mock ZPAW Firefight

Have you ever wanted to test out those ZPAW skills that you talk about on the Internet? Do you have a strong desire to leave your mall ninja past behind you and test your zombie slaying skills in the real world? Then I have a deal for you! Our course of fire will test many of the necessary zombie slaying skills needed for when the undead rise.
Some of the items tested will include:
Long range rifle shooting
Pistol shooting against reactive targets
Shoot/No Shoot scenarios
Buddy Drag
Impact weapons vs. Zombies
Balance Beam
Low Crawl under the wire
Zombie Dodge

All this and more! Hosted by the original Texas ZS Chapter-West Texas. Scheduled for August 14/15 , located one hour east of Lubbock.

Shooters will be expected to carry all of their gear with them for the course of fire. Plan on wearing what you will be using when the undead rise. This can include vests,binoculars, chest rigs, range finders, drop thigh holsters, katanas, purses, back packs. etc. A full course of fire and round count will not be given until the day of the match. Plan on carrying 100 rounds rifle ammo and 45 rounds of pistol ammo to be safe. Dont forget the water! All competitors will be expected to carry a minimum of 64 oz of liquid.

Please note, this activity will be as physically demanding as you make it. There will not be any EMS or Doctors on site, and the hospital is a long, long way away. You are responsible for your own health and safety, not to mention any livestock that may be damaged by your negligence.

Cost will be $20 for the match, this will cover the cost of some awesome targets. The more shooters we have, the better the targets will be. Training will be provided on stages that provide combat aid or long distance shots.

Since this match is being held on private land (an operating ranch with roaming livestock), the match is by invitation only. Please PM me for an invitation. All Zs'rs are welcome to come and camp. You dont have to shoot to have a good time!

Training will be provided on stages that provide combat aid or long distance shots.

Official Meeting Room thread (please post in this one) can be found here: ... 38&t=66282
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