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Post by NT2C » Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:19 pm

(I hope this can become a stickied thread listing current radio contests that ZSARC members plan to participate in)

This weekend there's several contests happening, including several state QSO Parties (ND, OK and VA), the 10-10 International Mobile Contest, and the Russian DX contest. Since I live in Virginia I plan to take part in the VA QSO Party as a multiple operator mobile (took second place in that category last year) and would enjoy a QSO during the contest with any ZSARC members on the air over the weekend. Operating hours for the VAQP this year are 10:00 - 22:00 (EDT) on Saturday and 08:00 - 20:00 on Sunday.

Suggested frequencies are:

160 meters and up, except no WARC band QSO's permitted.
CW - 1805 KHz and 50 KHz up from band edge on others.
PHONE -1845, 3860, 7260, 14270, 21370 and 28370 KHz.
Novice/Tech Plus - 10 KHz up from the edge of the CW band and 28370 KHz on PHONE.
VHF - 50.130, 144.200 (CW & SSB), 146.580 and 223.50 MHz.
UHF - 446.00 MHz.
Digital contacts should use normally accepted sub-bands for these modes.

I plan to work VHF (146.580) and UHF (446.00) FM, and VHF (144.200) SSB from each stop that I make, and will try to activate at least four counties on each of the days. I'll also be operating phone on HF both days but band selection will depend upon propagation. Most likely bands will be 20m & 40m, but if conditions are bad that can change to 10m and 15m. I'll try to post an update here during meal breaks.
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