Boulder City Zombie Walk - Raffle Ideas/Received Items

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Boulder City Zombie Walk - Raffle Ideas/Received Items

Post by roxannelizabeth » Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:52 pm

OK! Raffle prizes - I need your help!
I have a a bleeding target from Zombie Industries but wee need so much more than that.
If you have any connections, any ideas, anything please post it here! We have a month to get this stuff together and I need your help....
If you don't want to make contact, I'm totally cool with it, just give me the website/phone number/email/whatever you have.
Keep in mind, gift certificates are nice, but rather anti climactic when presented. THINGS are always more fun. Plus, only one item of each please! If EVERYONE gets the same thing it's not special anymore and we want to make sure people feel like they are getting something worth their raffle ticket money.
I am always available online, via phone in the evenings and weekends. Don't hesitate to contact me.
Cell 248-462-9963 text or talk.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I have a bleeding target from Zombie Industries, and just hit up the specialty pet shop Snooty Pets for a basket. I have also contacted the Zombie Apocalypse store as well as Evil Dead the Musical and Zombie Burlesque Show.
I have a line on a Zombie novel, book signing is to be Halloween morning. It's a friend of a friend so I'm going to invite him to the walk and ask for 1 copy of the book.
We have flight lines passes, and I have someone looking into paintball passes/gear.
We also have a zombie cookie jar, and a backpack.
We will have free passes for the Zombie Burlesque show.
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