ZSNY Hiking/Paddling Trip June 10-12

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Re: ZSNY Hiking/Paddling Trip June 10-12

Post by Festus Hagen » Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:59 am

Great writeup by Jamie on this very fun trip. I'll just add a few pics and thoughts.

Here's my cook kit in action on the first night. It worked fantastic as it generally does when air and water temps aren't TOO cold.

The Old Town Discovery 119 ended up being a fine boat for this trip. I felt like my "touring pace" paddling paid off with acceptable (not great) speed. There were only a couple times I honestly thought I was better off with this boat than my 16" kayak, but there's something fun about a smaller boat even if it's slower. I think OT made a mistake designing the seat, it pitches forward a tiny bit which means that paddling tends to pull you forward and off of it, I plan to tweak that at some point and otherwise enjoy this little boat.


I've been wanting to test the HH "tiny tarp" in serious rain for some time now.... well it's tested and passed. I didn't even hang it as tight to the hammock as I could have but we both rode out the torrential rains (plus thunder and lightning) in fine style. It wasn't super windy but breezy, I think even if the wind picked up, pitching the tarp closer to the hammock would have done the trick. I'm sure that it helps that the bottom of the DD hammock is waterproof. Still a little befuddled as to why Jamie's tarp got the two darts sewn in it (making it incrementally larger) and mine didn't but I guess it's all good.

This was a cool little passage next to a campsite that would be SPLENDID for a good sized ZS "paddlefest". I'm guessing the masons that built this are long gone, but the stone wall keeps on keeping on.

There were a few different passages we had to find and navigate to get from point A to point B, which for me added to the interest of the trip. Image

The only other thing I have to report, although I was bitten and exsanguinated profusely by skeeters and black flies (despite seizure-inducing levels of Deet usage), I didn't develop any itchy bumps until the day after driving home (some of which I'm still enjoying). Curious, I wonder if the spray I used also helps hold off symptoms of bites?
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