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Post by ais4122 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:19 pm

Was wondering how chapter member preps held out with the Sandy tropical storm. Here on LI, we got hit a lot harder than last years Irene. Personally, I really had few if any issues due to the storm. Never lost power (newer development with underground electric) , lost about 5-6 sections of vinyl fence, had to curb my driving due to shortage of gasoline. Half my co workers lost power, some are still without. Cars were damaged by falling trees, powerlines came down taking out the mast on one persons house. Flooding of basements etc. My one fail was my gas prep. I did fill up and have an extra gas can available but I never expected to see gas stations out of gas for a couple days. While I do have milsurp gas cans I never filled them primarily for two reasons. One, lack of interest since the much hyped Hurricane Irene lulled me into a false sense of security. Two, the provided gas can spout leakes like a sieve, very poor fit ( Generator Joes surplus Bulgarian jerry cans) So I would have to siphon gas out of the jerry cans into a typical plastic red gas container before being able to gas my truck. I learned this at my first gas rotation drill. That issue got put on the back burner. I also realized a good percentage of my stored food items have expired. Probably still good, but under the circumstance, non ZPAW event, I decided to 86 them. I plan on restocking and rotating the supplies to the local food pantry when they come close ( 3 months) to expiration.
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Post by CrackMunk » Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:13 pm

Glad to hear you made it through ok. The storys are heart breaking, just goes to show the Gov didn't learn from Katrina.
up here in Saratoga it was just a windy day with some rain.We lost one of the pickets off the fence and neighbors dead tree fell (small one ). We did hear today from a friend that owns the gas station down the street that he will be running out of gas as of Tuesday because the supplier is in NJ and no trucks are running. Can't say that is for all the stations in the area. But just in case we filled the cars and all the cans.
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Post by pj_01 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:36 am

I am located in western New York State not the city as a lot of people always asume when i say im from new york.

As for my preps. we never got into them. just like the previous poster we had just a simply windy and heavy rain at times. some trees through the area came down on some power lines but i myself never lost power for more then a few seconds. we always have everything ready and i filled the tub just in case. Always do that when a big storm is coming. no power means no running water. yes i can turn on a generator and run the pump that way but i just like to be ready for everything else so i dont use up my gas.

the wife and i just settled down in the living room and watched DVR'ed shows like the walking dead.

i have her on board with most of my prepping as she loves having a fully stocked pantry. i still need to get her into the make your own bread but that will come into place soon enough.

I was wondering about the people who live in the actual city faired as far as things went. did any of them feel like they needed to have the guns out and ready to go. Oh yeah i forgot its NYC and they dont allow guns in the city :( what is the world coming too.

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Post by charlie505 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:57 pm

I live in a high-rise in Manhattan in the area that was blacked out. We had no electricity or water for 5 days.

When I first moved in to my new wife’s place in 2011 I noticed that if there was any problems the wife and I could be on our own for days! I placed two 7 gallon containers (" onclick=";return false; ) in a closet and filled a footlocker with assorted canned foods. I also placed most of my camping gear in a storage tote in a closet. I stored flashlights, batteries and light sticks. I also have a non-wireless home phone – they will work when the lights are out, as long as the Telco lines are intact.

When the hurricane was starting to hit, I filled the bathtub and some large pots with water. I also had 10 – one gallon jugs of bottled water that I purchased earlier in the week.

We lost out lights Monday Oct 29th. I had taken a couple of rib-eye steaks out of the freezer earlier that day for dinner. We were eating by the light of a few light sticks. My wife took out the candle holders and I was about to say no to the idea of candles, but kept quiet when I saw her put two of the glowing light sticks in the holders – she is such a romantic!

I work for the power company so Tuesday morning I climbed down 30 flights of stairs and walked to work. The wife stayed home and just hung out, read, cooked some of the food in the fridge and helped some of our elderly neighbors – shared some of our bottled water with them. She took the whole thing in stride, never complaining! Our only problem was the 30 flights of stairs – down is easy – going up sucked! Later in the week a co-worker that lived in an area that had lights bought me 6 more gallons of water. Going up while carrying water sucked even more!

I cooked up as much food as we could and after 3 days we had to clean out the fridge – sucked to lose all that food. I am now saving empty milk containers and making blocks of ice to take up any free space in the freezer in the hopes if we lose power again the ice will help the food last longer.

Our lights came back on Saturday morning at about 4AM.
All in all my preps were good. Never used the water my co-worker got for us. I put my supplies in an old book case now so it will be easier for my wife to get what she needs as I work those long shifts. We were never in any danger. My building Co-op board decided that I was right 8 years ago when I suggested we get an emergency generator to supply the essential services to the building.

I learned a lot on this board - thanks for all the info.

Oh - FEMA did show up and dropped off water and MRE's in the building lobby. Some National Guard personal were carrying stuff up to people who needed it. My wife refused the water - we had plenty, but was convinced to take 2 MRE's. She texted me that she was going to have one for dinner. I asked what was in it.
She responded with a list of the contents of the MRE's - the last line was "Maybe I'll have a canned soup instead!" LOL

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Post by pj_01 » Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:25 am

Charlie505: its good to hear you made it through ok. at least you now have a couple MRE's to take camping. If you have a fire excape out your window i would suggest a small honda generator just to run your fridge in the future. they are very cheap and very quiet. i have 2 of them and a much larger gas/propane generator out back. but then i live in the country where power outages are constant during the winter weather.

Candle light is not a bad thing to have. its a nice idea to use the glow sticks in that matter but you can also get some nice enclosed glass candle holders so you have no worry about fire. the only time there are an issue is if you leave them unattendaded. thats why all the old movies have a single taper candle in a candle holder with a handle. so they can just move the candle with them when they go room to room rather then leave a candle un attended.

i use candle light all the time. and always have at least 1 burning. (i get them for free from where i work) they make the fake tree feel a little more real. (its not in the tree its a pine scented candle).

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