ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Hollowpoint26 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:49 am

Name: Justin (Hollowpoint)

Hometown: Spokane, WA (previously Ft.Bliss, TX and KAB Okinawa, Japan)

Interests: Emergency preparation, shooting, watching the news, playing video games, camping.

Occupation: Parking Enforcement Officer (Former Radar Technician for PATRIOT)

Bio: I am a 6 year Veteran of the US Army. I was a Sergeant and I come from a long lineage of Military Service. No combat experience, I was simply a training NCO for an Ordnance Company. Divorced single Father of 2 wonderful children that are both excited to learn about firearms in a couple more years.

Specialties: Fiber Optic (TFOCA I and II) repair, AC, DC, Microprocessors, Logic, Microwave, Radar Theory, Soldering, Building, Open Water SCUBA Diver and MMA.

EDIT: I went through Air Assault school, so I have slipped from one bird. If you count that as a Specialty, chalk it up.
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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by NT2C » Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:50 pm


Name: Bernie
Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 55 (qualified as an opinionated, cantankerous, old-fart)
Occupation: Self-retired (was self-employed)
Interests: Too many to list, but amateur radio, emergency communications, and preparedness would rank high on the list
Family: Large - most of whom I'm not in contact with, except for my wife and three cats.
Bio: I was born and raised in NYC where, when I wasn't working in the family construction business, I worked as an EMT and drove ambulances for 14 years. I served six years as the Dispatcher Training Officer and the Public Relations Officer for the Williamsburg Volunteer Ambulance Corps in Brooklyn, NY. I also served in the United States Navy as a Gunner's Mate from 1974 to 1980 and qualified as a first class diver, rescue swimmer and EOD technician. I have a B.Sc. degree in Computer & Information Sciences, and an Asc. Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. I was also the Telecommunications Editor for Ahoy! magazine (Commodore computer magazine) in the mid 80's and served as their online and radio & television personality. I'm also the founder and chairman of the board of directors of the SPWaW Depot Association, Inc., a non-profit WWII war-gaming group and WWII historical preservation and educational organization. My wife, Cherie, is from Lewiston, ID, graduated from the U of O (Go Ducks!), and she has family there and in Clarkston, WA <--- why I joined this group
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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by tid » Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:09 am


name: Tid
hometown: Richmond Hill, GA
current location: Vancouver, WA
age: 40, with the body of an 80 year old alcoholic
occupation: maintenance manager for a paper company
turn ons: rockabilly and psychobilly music, tattooed ladies, redheaded ladies, crew served weapons, american powered V-8 pre 1968 hot rods, my 55 chevy bel-air, my leaking 86 HD FXR
tattoos: yup
special skills: NRA Certified Instructor (Rifle, Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Refuse To Be a Victim), NRA Range Safety Officer, licensed collector of curios and relics
NRA Certified Instructor Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection in the Home
NRA Range Safety Officer
Glock Certified Armorer

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by NorthernAlpine » Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:25 pm

Name: Nick
Hometown: Continental Divide in Montana
Current Location: Tacoma, WA
Age: 30
Occupation: Foreign Affairs...specifically the anti-western type
Tattoos: Not Enough
Special Skills: EMT-B, Advanced Combat Trauma, Reconnaissance Leadership School, Advanced Marksmanship, Advanced Small Unit Tactics, HAZMAT/WMD certifications that are too many to list, some other useful knowledge that is better left out.
Interests: Snowboarding, Beer, Gardening/Vegetable Growing, Backyard Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Firearms, Reloading, Fly-Fishing, Camping, Rock Climbing, Medical Knowledge, General Survival Skills, learning how to fix cars and having someone explain the art of 'HAM' in english...seriously.
Northern Alpine
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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by RustyG » Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:08 pm

Hello one and all!
I am Rusty and I reside on southern Vancouver Island. My background is in emergency management, construction safety, first aid instruction and other assorted safety course instruction.

My interests include martial arts (Arnis and some combatives training), Hiking, sailing and tweaking my gear bags on a regular basis. I am a HAM radio operator and hope to be more active with it in new year.
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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Jonadz » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:35 am

Hey there,
Name is Jonas, been browsing this site for quite some time. Recently decided to become a registered user and am in the process of membership. Originally from Oregon, spent way to much time in AZ and TX and am now just outside of Seattle! Would call myself somewhat of a survival buff, it's always been more than an interest and hobby, more like a way of life. I'd love to post a Pic but.... Wait I lied, I hate pictures. I'm also a HUGE Benchmade Kinfe guy! When the ammo runs out I've got more knives than myself and everyone I know could ever use! I don't know to many people but enough lol!
I'm in the market for some CHEAP blue wire! Also a can of black spray paint!

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Piggpen75 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:14 pm

Hi everyone! my name is Brad... I am a 36 yo guy from Arlington (Snohomish County) WA married with two young girls. I have just started prepping, but have a lot of great military training to get me started. I have a background in civilian search and rescue, marksmanship, emergency medicine, fishing, and primitive skills. I'm interested in meeting up with other people for camping trips, days at the range and learning more skills. I am a huge gamer and also play RPG's and x-box 360. Looking forward to meeting all of you guys and hooking up with some of the folks from the north end. Image

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by kyton786 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:48 pm


Name: Max
Hometown: Yelm, WA
Current Location: Issaquah, WA
Age: 22
Occupation: Student
Interests: Programming, Video games, electronics, gadgets, rifles, camping

Bio: Hi everyone reading this. Im a college student at the moment. i love playing video games and now im learning to make them. im mainly a designer for my games(no big ones yet). im concerned about politic and ethic in and involving video games and the entertainment industry. on the more practical side, i enjoy going to the range and shooting my rilfe, my lil brother is teaching me how to aim better and soon how to aim a pistol. our family is big on survival stuff and camping/roughing it.

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Medicus » Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:00 pm

Greetings , I'm Russ ,living in Port Angeles, Wa. I work as a Surgical/Trauma technician- Medic (30 yrs.). 4 year vet USAF (Sgt.) 4n1x1(90272) surgical specialist/ Medic-( Long List). Ret Vol. Firefighter/EMT/ Hazmat, ... My passion is Kayaking and anything that keeps me on the water and away from big cities :D . I'm always looking to improve my skills both medical and practical, and share what I've learned . looking to Improve shooting & tactical skills, and have a blast making new friends.

http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb4 ... 6032_n.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by TWhite260 » Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:49 pm

<--------------The only photo I have on my work computer, also the last thing a zombie will see :mrgreen:

Name: Tony White

Location: Puyallup, WA

Occupation : Baby sitter, Counselor, Nurse, Janitor, baby wrangler (Corrections Officer)

Bio: Born in Tacoma, moved to Puyallup 10-11 years ago to avoid being the victim of a driveby. Have had a ton of jobs to include Corrections, Private Investigator, Truck Driver, Sales, Cabinet Maker etc.

Skills: Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Surveillance, EVOC (police driving), EVIP (fire driving), Rally driving, OC (pepper spray instructor), FTO (Field training officer), PTO (Police training officer)Taser (instructor), Defensive Tactics, Less lethal firearms training, Riot training, Active shooter training (lots), Background checks and subject locates, Fraud investigations, Beer drinking, BBQ and non-BBQ chef

Dislikes: dipshits, pinheads, dumbasses, slow drivers, any type of shenanigans that gets me hurt

Likes: Shooting, Driving fast, Flying debris (my favorite kind of debris), Cold beer, Loud T.V. and killing ZAMBIES!
Now offering wholesale sarcasm to the masses!

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Cpt_Rabbit » Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:16 pm

Name: William Mitchell

Location: Graham , WA

Occupation : N/A right now

Bio: Born in Alabama, moved to Washington when I was 5 and have been here since, And am currently working on joining the Army.

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by sig383 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:23 am


name: John

hometown: Marysville, WA

current location: Puyallup/South Hill, WA

age: 29 (in a few days)

occupation: military, civilian search and rescue

likes: Guns, tattoos, hunting, backpacking, hiking, shooting, building things, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, survival stuff, good cigars, bourbon, scotch, Irish whiskey, going fast...etc

tattoos: yup

special skills: military combat lifesaver (wanting to get at least EMT-B), Search and Rescue, military survival training,

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by DoubleG » Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:27 pm

hi, I'm Double G, I go by Dg most times. I am the medical commander for zombie safe area online and facebook. I provided 5 years of my life to the military, MI and AVN. Big camper, quiet, a mom, I enjoy shooting and being volentold. I don't care for drama and ignorance, or drugs. I always try to keep up with the best of me. I'm also nearly impossible to reach :lol:

I'm 22 and live in Lakewood

on week days I'm mom, on weekends I'm all zombie related.

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Action.Jackson » Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:29 am

Name: Andrew
Hometown: Olympiaish
Interests: Backpacking, Shooting, Sleeping, Gaming, Reading, Eating. In that order. (not really)

Lived in Washington my whole life, probably going to move in the next 2-3 years but in the meanwhile I appreciate the PNW Chapter! I currently work at an electronics store fixing computers. Still a little new to emergency prep so trying to gather up gear and make appropriate plans. If there's anything you want to know just ask!

Edit: Picture was from today, pretty day huh?

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by ShaneMac » Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:05 am

Name: Shane MacQuarrie
Hometown: Renton, WA
Interests: Emergency Preparedness, Camping, Hunting, Shooting,
Bio: I have been in WA since 97. I moved up here while still in the Navy and never left. I grew up in So. Cal. but have spent time in several states. While in the military I spent 6 years as a CPR instructor and was involved in all forms of emergency responce to include medical, fire, and chemical response. I enjoy shooting my GL17 and bows. If anyone is interested in a place to shoot in the Renton area, I am a member of the Renton Fish & Game club so I can take a few people every year to shoot for free.
Right now I work in Renton but am always looking for a better position.
New to the group and interested in meeting others.
Married with 6 kids. My oldest boy joined the Marines when he graduated last year and is now on the list for deployment to the big sandbox. We are so proud of him.
You can find lots of pictures through my facebook.


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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Shiloh » Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:42 pm

Name: John
Hometown: Lake Stevens, WA
Interests: Hunting, school matters, shooting, archery, writing, gardening, woodworking
Bio: I've been living in western WA my whole life, moved from Lynwood to Lake Stevens in '00, currently a senior at LSHS (GO VIKINGS!!! :D ) and going to be attending EdCC next year. I got involved in the prepping community about two years ago, and joined ZS just this past year. I'm a really avid hunter, mostly pheasant and chukar, though I head out east to Wisconsin once a year for whitetail. Also been playing piano for 8+ years, though I don't really see that one helping in the PAW unless we open up some apocolyptic jazz bar after the world ends. :lol:
Amateur radio operator - KG7QEL

Tactical furry.

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Mr_Sheesh » Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:39 am

Finally got help from Seanwins to figure out how to get in here LOL

I'll post again later once I have a decent photo that's actually semi recent, darn camera's battery seems to always be flat when I reach for it (probably because I am not much of a picture taker LOL)
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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by ExplodingLemur » Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:33 pm

Name: Nick
Hometown: CA central coast
Current location: Seattle, WA
Interests: Scifi, firearms, emergency medicine, gaming
Bio: I'm a professional geek that just moved to Seattle a few weeks ago. I've been an occasional lurker on this site, but now that I'm living in the area of an active chapter I should probably start getting more involved :)

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by destinyjihye » Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:19 pm

Hometown: Tacoma WA
Interests: video games, zombie prepping, outdoor activities, tons of stuff
Bio: we're a couple,two zombie loving nerds! I'm airforce he just got out of the army

Mild Thang
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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Mild Thang » Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:54 pm


What's up? I'm, I guess the third Nick on this page... maybe I should have waited until page 9 got started?

Anyways, I'm originally from Minneapolis, MN but moved out to Fort Lewis in 2002, loved it, and decided to stay.

I spent five-ish years in the Infantry and then endured the SFQC to stay up in WA. I did another 3 years with 1st SFG(A) as a Weapons Sergeant before I got out last year, just shy of 10 years time in service.

Now I'm studying abroad, sort of; I'm a full time student while I work as a contractor overseas. I'm focused on school mainly because I'm tired of doing this kind of work and want to get back home and stay there. Unfortunately, my resume isn't good for much else besides what I do now. :(

I have a wife and three boys living in Auburn without me right now. When I'm home we love to go hiking and camping. Unfortunately, my wife's idea of roughing it is vastly different than mine, so I don't get much time to practice all the crap I've been learning from this place. I haven't been hunting but I really want to start. Sadly, I'm going to miss deer season this year :x , so maybe next year.

Aside from hiking, camping, and guns, I like working out a lot, but I stick to classics like jogging, lifting, and kicking around a heavy bag; no crossfit. I want to summit Rainier next summer/early fall and I'd love to do a Tough Mudder/Warrior Dash/Spartan Race, if I can ever get back to the states when they come around WA.

Almost forgot, the Avatar is my Siberian Husky, Claire. She's two and half years old now and she freaks out my neighbors but, she could not be a nicer, more awesome dog.

ETA: I found a slightly less beardy picture:

I'll add more recent photos after I get home, both of these were from Winter of 2010-11 in NE Afghanistan.
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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by RedLeg17 » Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:31 pm

The crew and I.
Dreaded sandbags. They're will always be some that need to be moved, replaced, or broken.
Playing an insurgent back on Fort Lewis for our guys to train. Note: Both the RPG and the AK are fake. God help the Sergeant that entrusts his soldiers with an RPG and AK-47 on home soil.


My name's Obe. Pronounced like Obi in Obi-wan,(No relation). I'm a young soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan. I stumbled across ZS while searching zombie survival advice.(Get a lot of downtime sometimes.) I liked what I was reading about what the group does, and how they presented themselves so I figured I would become an active forum member until I got back and then I could actually be a contributing member to such an esteemed group. I look forward to chatting with everyone, and eventually meeting you at future events.

Catch you later. :)
"Look, I don't care what the telly says, all right? We *have* to get out of here. If we don't they'll tear us to pieces, and that is really going to exacerbate things for all of us." ~ Shaun of the Dead

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Aleighus » Wed Jul 25, 2012 8:28 pm

Name- Shhhh ;)

Hometown- Somewhere in WA

Interests- Preparedness, self sufficiency, RPG's, knitting, weaving, sewing, camping, reading, cooking/baking, generally making stuff.

I don't do pictures often.



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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Nuclear Genie » Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:52 pm


Name: Tony
Hometown: Meeker, CO.
Current Location: Tacoma, WA.
Age: 35
Occupation: As Assigned
Interests: Backpacking, Snowshoeing, Snowboarding, Waterboarding, Target Shooting, Hiking, Foraging, Fitness, Weight Lifting (and dropping), Taekwando, Snipe Hunting, Geocaching, Art, Astronomy, Gardening, Gaming, Bird Watching, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Diving, Native Flute Music, and Coping with A.D.H.D.

Bio: He turned thirty-five last Sunday and his hair has found some gray But he still ain't changed his life style He likes it better the old way So he grows a little garden in the back yard by the fence He's consuming what he's growing nowadays in self defense He get's out there in the twilight zone Sometimes when it just don't make no sense He gets off on country music Cause disco left him cold He's got young friends into new wave But he's just too friggin' old And he dreams at night of Woodstock and the day John Lennon died. How the music made him happy and the silence made him cry Yeah he thinks of John sometimes And he has to wonder why.

He's an old hippie and he don't know what to do Should he hang on to the old Should he grab on to the new He's an old hippie...his new life is just a bust He ain't trying to change nobody He's just trying real hard to adjust He was sure back in the sixties that everyone was hip Then they sent him off to Vietnam on his senior trip And they forced him to become a man while he was still a boy And behind each wave of tragedy he waited for the joy Now this world may change around him But he just can't change no more


Well, he staysawaya lot now from the parties and the clubs And he's thinking while he's joggin''round Sure is glad hequitthehard drugs Cause him and his kind get more endangered everyday And pretty soon the species will just up and fade away Like the smoke from that torpedo...just up and fade away
"Lost? No, I've never been lost. I will admit to being pretty confused for several weeks..."

~Daniel Boone

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Re: ZSC-005 Roll Call (Pics and Bios Only - No Comments)

Post by Jag-Stang » Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:54 am

Hi guys this is Derek. I live over in southeast WA in the Tri-Cities.
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