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Index to Alternate Energy Threads Sticky

Post by raptor » Mon May 09, 2011 11:01 pm

The question about alternate energy comes up a lot. Alternate energy is defined as the subject of generators, inverters ,solar cells and wind generators as well as alternative ways of of power generation. Like other stickys this topic is simply to save everyone some time searching. This thread is locked but the topics listed below are unlocked. If you have questions please post any questions in those threads.

Handy formulas you will need:
volts x amps = watts

Calculate max battery amperage available for an inverter - Total batter bank capacity in amps (Not cold cranking amps or CCA!) * .50

Approximate additional amps needed due to inverter efficiency loss = 10% to 15% of calculated amperage of draw

The threads listed here are by no means all of the threads on the subject. So if you have questions not addressed here please search the forum for the information. Also PM if you think a thread should be added here.

A Simple Generator Inlet for a Home:

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Hall of Fame is another place to look for great articles." onclick=";return false;

Out side source links - These may move from time to time.

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Homemade batteries: ... teries.pdf" onclick=";return false;


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