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Index-Where Do I Start? Budget Preps, Health & Radiation

Post by raptor » Mon May 09, 2011 12:43 pm

In an effort to make it easier to find these threads I have made this sticky. If you think a thread should be added to this sticky please PM about it. This thread is closed for posting but the other threads referenced are not locked for posts. You can post questions there.

A consistent question and topic is where do I start with my preps and how can do this on a budget. Everyone has to budget their preparations. That said some people have larger or smaller budgets than others. These threads provide some ideas for people with these questions. They are by no means the only threads on this topic but they do cover the subject. If after reading these you still have questions use the search function or post your question.

The whole "where do I start" question is sometimes overwhelming. There seems to be so much needed. First off your preparations should be geographic specific. Hurricane planning should be a priority if you live on the Gulf Coast and blizzard preparation a priority if you live in Canada. Both areas require many of the same basic preparations..Food, water, first aid,etc but they also require more specific preparations to deal with individual risks. The very first step should be to sit down and do a risk analysis and identify the risks that you and your family face. Then determine the likely hood of these risks. This then gives you a framework of key risks you need to mitigate and maps where you should spend the bulk of your preparation time and resources.

The risk analysis does not have to be elaborate. Simply list the risks that you face and rate them two ways on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 = most probable 1= very remote) for probability and consequences. For instance if you live next to a nuclear reactor the consequences of a radiation leak may be a 5 but the likely hood may be a 1. Whereas for example a violent criminal act against you my rate a 4 for probably but have a consequence of 3 this means you should spend more time and resources on protection from criminal acts than a radiation leak. (just an example)

In general basic planning and preparation for a SHTF event does not require a huge budget and can be incorporated into your budget and grow over time. Being prepared does require a good risk assessment and after such a risk assessment a good plan to deal with these risks.

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The Hall of Fame Is a great place to see a wide variety of topics - see my signature line for a link
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