2009 prep resolutions - How did you do?

Topics in this category pertain to planning. Discussions include how to prepare yourself, your family and your community for catastrophes and what you plan to do when they hit you.

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by OhioMe » Tue Dec 30, 2008 11:10 am

1. More skills vs. acquiring more things.
2. Keep losing weight.
3. Less Internet.
4. Job. Any job.
5. Severely de-clutter as much as possible for a family with two kids under 5 years old.
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by ninja-elbow » Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:17 pm

Get out hiking more. I tried this last year but failed for many reasons.
Take some courses from Wild Food Adventures.
Do some gardening with BethDeath and her family.
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Ellie With An Axe
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by Ellie With An Axe » Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:12 pm

Definitely goals:

1. Lose weight and exercise
2. Go through my preps and see what I need to keep/toss
3. Laugh more
4. Redecorate apartment, clean out the dust bunnies
5. Throw out the junk in the closet
6. Get hired anywhere.

Hopefully goals:

1. Have a yard sale
2. Buy more (alive) plants
3. Donate blood/plasma again regularly
4. Buy the remaining DVD sets for Battlestar Galactica 8)
5. Volunteer more of my time
6. Make a few trips to charity with stuff I no longer need
7. Have 1 or 2 really good backpacking trips.

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by Nick » Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:07 pm

1. Continue going to the gym, I have seen a lot of Improvement there over the last few months.
2. Quit smoking.
3. Continue my martial arts training. Again I have seen a lot of improvement here over the last few months.
4. Go back to school when I get home from deployment.
5. Replace the BOV with a more capable vehicle.
6. Continue switching my gear over to multicam as funds allow.
7. Finish retooling the arsenal.
8. Toss and replace expired food, first aid items etc.
9. Actually find like minded people in the area once I return home.
10. Start looking into a viable retreat property and continue saving for said property.
11. Invest in better water storage.

So far thats about it. I haven't even really began to prep for the end of the world as much as I have more common disasters.

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by winnie3k » Thu Jan 01, 2009 12:20 am

Space Jockey wrote: Motivate at least 3 people into preparing themselves for emergencies.
Now that's a great resolution! You've just inspired me!
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by jjs72 » Thu Jan 01, 2009 2:05 am

Lose 15 pounds.
Quit smoking.
acquire more relaoding stuff.
Clear out redundant equipment, IE packs , tents and so on. put on craigslist.
Pay off debt.
Look for land.

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by Arch » Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:08 am


1) Reduce our debt by as much as possible which means cutting back on our modest luxuries like eating out occasionally. (My wife already collects all of our change to use on the mortgage payment every month).

2) Increase my endurance. I'd like to do so thru hiking.

3) Maximize our garden, build a new compost bin, sell the yard barn and use that space for additional gardening.

4) Increase our food storage.

5) Further test and evaluate my non-firearm BO & INCH gear. Sell off what is deemed unnecessary, and acquire what is deemed needed.

6) Evaluate my firearms, buy the accessories I need and sell off the guns that I deemed unnecessary.

7) End my incessant gun trading!

8 ) Go camping & fishing more.

9) Start hunting again.

10) Strengthen my relationships with my family & survivalist friends.
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by shamus » Fri Jan 02, 2009 4:58 am

O.K. I'll play.....
as a fairly newb I've got a lot of work to do.
1. get in better shape(not round)
2. return to martial arts(will help with #1)
3. purchase basic 3 guns(my idea 9mm pistol, Mossberg 12 gauge, and good bolt or semi auto rifle)
4. practice a lot with #3
5. get together good FAK, BOB, and other acronym's I still need to figure out :lol:
6. decide what I want for a BOV(figured out that one) that will also be my daily vehicle
7. clear out old garden where I live and plant losts of tasty rabbit food.
8. go hunting and fishing and camping this year and get rabbits to eat with tasty rabbit food.
9. restock pantry and get 6 month supply for self and daughter.
10. get extra class HAM operator license possibly get trained as VEC(and get some actual radio gear)
11. become card carrying ZS member, join ZSARC, after purchase of BOV get ZS fleet #
13. figure out how to pay for it all :)

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by Cybrludite » Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:17 am

In no particular order:

Get the fuck out of the New Orleans area.
Loose weight.
Get my C&R FFL.
Get a decent long range rifle & get good with it. (Currently thinking of a Stevens 200 long-action in .300 Win Mag with a Bushnell Elite 3200 10x scope)
Get a suppressor. (Legally, via the Class 3 song & dance, of course)
Get my CCW.
Get my ham license and a decent handie-talkie.
Send my ALICE pack to Tactical Tailors for a refit & build a decent INCH bag around it.
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by eeek » Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:50 pm

Donate blood and plasma as much as possible. Add to food stocks and donate to pet shelters as much as possible and beyond. More chew toys for pets! Get trained in paramedical type stuff. and pet stuff.

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by Arkavian » Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:07 am

1. Lose about 20 lbs
2. Finish my B.O.B.
3. Get my heart problem corrected for once and for all so I don't need to pack my current script in my B.O.B.
4. Finish up the rest of my preparations for emergencies. (Stocking more food, finish my documents, etc as I live in a Hurricane Area)
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by HBEnfield » Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:29 am

- Start rotating out food supplies to get comfortable actually using long term storage food. Replace used food and add additional to the supply. Oh yeah, need to get some gamma seal lids!
- Plant 2 more fruit trees and a kiwi vine. Build a better support for the grape vine and learn to properly prune that thing.
- Try composting.
- Write up a spreadsheet to track supplies. Organize said supplies into bins and such.
- Get my 5k-run time down to under 21 minutes and my 10k to under 50 minutes.
- Start reloading.
- Practice 300 to 600 yard shooting from prone, sitting and standing positions at least once a month. Use a data book to record progress and, well, data. Explore getting involved in High Power matches to put those Garands to use :)
- Get ammo cans and store all ammo in cans.
- Add anti-shatter laminate material to all windows.

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by dogbane » Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:17 pm

bumpitty bump-bump
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by mr_dave » Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:09 pm

1) Reduce my monthly expenses
1.5) Start a better savings plan
2) Spend more time on me (physically, mentally, emotionally, recreationally)
3) Pay off car ASAP
4) Turn my pantry into something I can be proud of
5) I'm digging the convert people to preparedness. I'm going to aim for... 5, cause this is number 5.
6) Hike as much as possible this year, for both physical training as well as gear testing.

ETA: I forgot #6.
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by Shellyann36 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:04 pm

Add Rabbits to our livestock.
Buy shot guns, rifles, possible handguns for family. (every one learns care and use of these weapons)
Stock up on Ammo for these weapons.
Use our garden area to the fullest.
Can, dehydrate, freeze as much produce as we can.
Update BOB's.
Update supplies & keep adding to them.
Learn as much as I can about using herbs for medicinal purposes.
Invest in CB radio and look into possible HAM radio set up.
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by DaveJohns » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:28 pm

Mine is pretty simple.

Lose weight.
Gain knowledge.

I would also like to buy a couple hundred acres somewhere quiet, and build a 100% off-grid home. But I know I won't be able to do that in just one year.
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by suntzu » Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:23 pm

Continue losing weight.
Attend edible plants class in Smokies.
Purchase .22 pistol.
Plant more in my brother's garden plot this year.
Make a career change, cause lay offs suck.
Backpack more.
Work a second job so that if all this planning is for naught, I can retire early.
Build a better mancave.
Start sewing.
Have a monthly yardsale, starting in February.
Send dogbane the book I promised him a long time ago. :oops:
Attend a local knap in.
Improve water storage.
Take PPCT/Expandable baton training so I can carry one.
Get a great pair of boots.
Be there for my parents.
Teach my cousins how to shoot and what I know of woodcraft.
Will ETA later.

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by Creidiki » Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:43 am

Fix the darn hand pump in the well, so I'll have water in case blackouts
Start, preferrably finish root cellar before september
Plant, strawberries, blackcurrant and plums
Buy scythe and hoe
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by ogreboy » Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:49 am

Get hand gun- Done S&W M$P9 In budget, used Christmas and birthday money.
Stay on my budget
Don't buy anything new for my BOB, computer, stereo, car, etc.
Pay down debt, all the way!
Spend less money.
Start running again, everyday. Its free!
Sit ups and push ups. Free.
Plot out exit strategy on map that I keep in my BOB. Free.
Coordinate said exit strategy with local cohorts. Free.
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by TofuBento » Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:51 pm

1. Meet other local ZS
2. Learn somethings from said ZSers
3. Finish my EDC
4. Finish my BOB
5. New Boom stick
6. New handheld Boom stick
7. Lose weight for Army
8. ARMY!
9. ????
10. PROFIT!!!!!

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by dogbane » Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:47 am

Bump. Anyone making progress on anything?

So far i'm make good progress on organizing the basement. I threw out a bunch of stuff; I got some plastic forklift pallets to get some things off the dirt-floor part of my basement; I consolidated tools to the workbench area; I set up shelves for more storage.

I have a doctor's appointment on the 25th and I'm going to ask for Chantix so I can get off the tobacco. Then I'll start riding the bike regularly. I've gotten out for rides a couple of times, but nothing hard core, yet.

I haven't started anything else. :oops:
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Kathy in FL
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by Kathy in FL » Fri Feb 13, 2009 11:11 am

Bump. Anyone making progress on anything?
Gonna have to replant a lot of my edible landscaping that was toasted by the two unexpectedly harsh freezes.

Finally have my own laptop which allows me to better organize all the stuff that I alone use. It means I can also stop wasting so much time transferring my paper notes to the computer ... I'll just type straight to the 'puter and save time.

I'm just a little over 50% complete on transferring all of our old home VHS and 8mm tapes to DVD and a little over 25% complete on scanning our old family photos to .jpg. We now have an external hard drive dedicated to media storage and we set the computers up for Carbonite. In other words our back ups have back ups and our back up back ups have back ups. :wink:

I've set myself a canning schedule and have been picking up lots of nice "manager's specials" in the local grocery's meat department. Right now they are stuck in the freezer, but I hope to get stuff made and preserved in quart jars starting the end of this month.

Our 16 year old started working for his dad part time which serves a lot of different purposes. Skills for son, help for dad. Money training for son, and that money stays in the family while hubby doesn't have to hire any extra part timer. Improved relationship between father and son. Son feels better about himself in terms that he isn't being "given" money, he is earning it. Son can save up for his own car rather than us having to foot the entire bill. Son has a job that works around our family's schedule instead of us having to work around son's schedule.

My shoulder is improving without surgery (YES!) and it looks like I've shucked the need for hypertension meds for at least another few years. (double YES!) Its hard work avoiding family genetics sucks but its worth it.

Found a new food storage system that hubby says even he is impressed with. Trying to find the time (and money) to dismantle and re-hab the room I use for a pantry. When we do this is the food storage system I'd like to include, at least in part.


Its called a pharoah wall storage system and its really cool. it fits between the studs in your wall. More info at http://www.pharaohsstorehouse.com/in_wall.asp" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by yale » Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:12 am

dogbane wrote:Bump. Anyone making progress on anything?

Yes and no.
Let's see. My resolutions were....

1-loose another 15 pounds, the first 15 pounds was easy. Now it gets difficult. Then after that another 15 pounds.
I was right. The first 15 was easy. I'm still working on the second 15 pounds. It's going slower than I thought but I'm not discouraged yet.
2-keep paying off debt. I should have the car paid off by the end of 09 and be knocking out the Visa card too.
This is going well. I've been getting lots of overtime at work. Just this 2 week pay period I'm looking at 29.5 hours of overtime. That money is going to help get those bills paid off early.
3-reduce clutter in house and shed. Already begun on this and have been amazed at all the stuff I didn't even remember having or can live without.
This has really slowed down. Working 7 nights a week has not helped. I get home around 8am and have breakfast/dinner and the last thing I'm thinking about is sorting boxes.
4-Insulate doors and windows before summer. Already purchased window tint film for sliding glass door and windows on South and West side of house.
Something else I havn't even messed with. I just want to sleep. Maybe I'll have some time off in March to do this. I don't use central air conditioning anyway. A drafty house just means more air flow. I usually have windows open with box fans in them anyway.
5-purchase colman multifuel camp stove before next hurricane season.
I've flip-flopped on this. Today I was pricing stoves and have narrowed down my purchase to a camp stove which uses 1lb propane bottles instead of a multifuel model. I like the idea of buying 6 packs of propane bottles and storeing them over buying coleman white fuel and storing it. Easier storage/rotation and no spillage or evap problems.

Something I also have kicked around is getting a trailer hitch on my car. I had one on my previous vehicle before it was totalled out in a wreck. Not owning a pickup truck leaves me with very limited hauling options. With a trailer hitch I can rent or borrow a trailer to haul things like a freezer, generator or lumber to build projects. Eventually I'll budget for a light weight trailer of my own.
So far the new year is going well. We aren't 2 months in yet so it's not all going to be done.
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Re: 2009 prep resolutions

Post by crazytimmah12 » Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:48 am

A little late, sorry busy getting out of Army

1. Finish gun projects. All 10 of them.....
2. More ammo, never enough I know
3. Find at least 20 acres for the good ole estate
4. Buy a tractor to help building some of the estate mentioned
5. Learn more stone masonry, metal work, and farming

Ok thats more than enough for my first year, Post Army in a shitty economy!
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