Bulk Food Storage

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Re: Bulk Food Storage

Post by Cavediver » Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:12 am

Paint can storage was recently addressed in another thread:
Molon Labe wrote:Well, after only one day, there's already signs of leaking. Very minute, but it is there. I don't want these to go to waste though, so I'm thinking of reinforcing the seal with some AF100 foil tape I have left over from doing duct work. Will post up results of that if I find them. After a week of being tipped at a downward cant, I think that'll be good enough to prove adequate seal.
O2 Absorbers:
fattycakes wrote:...Well I should have tested it before hand but I did not. It didnt work, it actually worked on half a bag then it shit the bed. I was in a panic because I had already opened the oxy absorbers.
An appropriately sized canning jar with a new lid sould have been a bonus here. After opening the O2 absorbers you can dump them in the jar and seal it up. They won't keep forever, but they should hold over for a while.

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