Travel to Aruba

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Travel to Aruba

Post by Smash05 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:37 am

I'm trying to put a kit together for my wife and I for a week long trip to Aruba. Since it is a trip to a foreign country, I am treating this a bit differently than some of our other trips. Kit will be very basic, but supplemented with snacks and basic food items when we arrive. I will say this firmly, I do not expect an issue, but I am unwilling to trade away some basic preparations just because it is a foreign destination. I have had some difficulty determining the specific laws on things like knives, so I have defaulted to a Spyderco SpyDK slipit, a SAK, and perhaps an inexpensive dive knife (or maybe a mora) as I am told fixed knives other than a dive knife may be a no-no. Truth be told we will probably go snorkelling, and the dive knife would probably come with me on that excursion but would otherwise be at the hotel. I am told that dive knives are not looked at as odd on the island - so that is why the default there. Any suggestions for the kit? What am I definately allowed, what is a problem, etc. I am building around one of my Best Glide kits, and a basic trauma/first aid kit. Thoughts?
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Re: Travel to Aruba

Post by wamba » Thu Nov 22, 2018 5:10 pm

I carried a cheap lock blade clipped into my front pocket for a week without any issues while there a few years ago. The locals were very friendly but getting firm answers about carrying a knife was next to impossible, it was like the majority had never considered needing a pocket knife.
Drinking water for the island is supplied by a huge desalination plant. So no need to worry about the water, as long as the plant stays up.
Take a small first aid kit with the basics like cream for bug bites, something bit me the first day or so and we spent half a day looking for something to relieve the itching.
I burn easy so sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat were a must. The sunscreen was easily found but oddly enough I couldn’t find a hat that I liked (maybe I’m just too picky).
Hope you enjoy your trip.
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