Propane recall

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Propane recall

Post by MPMalloy » Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:13 pm

From KCCI via Twitter: Texas company recalls more than 45 million gallons of propane gas


Western Gas Partners is recalling 45.7 million gallons of propane gas delivered to customers’ storage tanks or sold at retail locations for recreational use in vehicles, barbeques and stoves.

The recalled product may not contain enough odorant to alert consumers of a gas leak. Failure to detect gas can lead to fire, explosion and thermal burn hazards.

The propane was distributed in Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming, and delivered by various companies and sold by retailers from April 2015 through October 2017.

Propane tanks that have been inspected for odorant levels or refilled after November 2017 are not affected.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns consumers not to test the propane themselves, but to immediately contact their supplier or Western Gas to determine if their product is affected.

If the propane doesn't contain sufficient levels of odorant, Western Gas will replace it or arrange for additional odorization.

Anyone who purchased a portable cylinder should contact the retailer or the Western Gas hotline to determine if it's included in the recall.

If consumers smell even a slight gas odor, they should immediately leave the area and call 911.

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