Doing, Vs. Talking

Topics in this category pertain to planning. Discussions include how to prepare yourself, your family and your community for catastrophes and what you plan to do when they hit you.

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Doing, Vs. Talking

Post by absinthe beginner » Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:42 am ... s-talking/

"So I’ve had a lot of recent emails asking a lot of questions…several boiling down to Just Where the Heck Have You Been????

In short, I’ve been getting my family more off-grid ready than we already were. My family includes my closest friends and my neighbors; people that really matter in the long run. I’ve been working hard in the meatspace. I’ve been organizing folks, locally, and sizing up resources. Not in a militant sense- but just strengthening bonds. I’ve broke down the barriers with neighbors that I just didn’t have the time previously to get to know as well as I should have, being surprised at just how many really do come out of the woodwork. And most important, I’ve tried to get better with the Lord. I’ve a had a lot more fun too."

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Re: Doing, Vs. Talking

Post by woodsghost » Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:50 am

Good stuff. I"ve been strengthening my own networks & relationships, and trying to grow new networks as I"m moving to a new city. I"ve also been helping a friend, and through my actions and some other things happening he is feeling at strong need to reach out more and develop those personal relationships.

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Re: Doing, Vs. Talking

Post by teotwaki » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:17 am

The article ends on a good note

"I don't plan on simply surviving, miserably, out of a ‘bugout bag’ or non-stop running and gunning like a Jerry Ahern fantasy. Living out of a ruck ain’t fun, and you can’t do it indefinitely. Neither is learning how to take care of your family after the fact. Figure out ways to move to a more sustainable lifestyle. Get with other folks in your community, locally. And take a lot of what you ‘see’ on the internet with a big grain of salt. Don’t forget to enjoy life a bit while you’re at it."
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