Training: Build Mental Strength

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Training: Build Mental Strength

Post by teotwaki » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:24 pm

Training: Build Mental Climbing Strength ... %2F20%2F17

Although written for a rock climbing magazine the concepts also apply to survival, ZPAW, etc. It emphasizes getting out and practicing with our gear, our friends and in the terrain we want to traverse when we are out and about.


Honey badger

Whatever the situation, the honey badger don’t care; it’s just ready for battle. “Mental toughness,” as sport psychologists and coaches call it, is the ability to perform in difficult situations. So, show up and look like a competitor even when you don’t want to. For me, the gym is the ideal terrain, as I’m not as intrinsically motivated on plastic. To get my “grrr” on in the gym, I’ll train with gym-psyched friends or join a weekly group that increases my accountability. For mental toughness, I’ll manufacture situations that fatigue my body. I’ll do back-to-back pitches or a core workout and then jump on a 4x4 bouldering circuit. When I start doubting if I can make the next move, then I know I’m in prime honey-badger learning zone and it’s time to fight.

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