Tiny Zombies...Bed Bugs

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Tiny Zombies...Bed Bugs

Post by Book » Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:28 pm

Long time lurker who just now registered to share this info with the Zombie Squad Forum. My five-story apartment building recently announced in a memo that "several" units were infested with bed bugs after a couple of months of discretely trying to deal with the problem. Management eventually employed a bed bug-sniffing dog to check every apartment but did not publically identify which apartments tested positive. The rumors are between 5-17 apartments involved.

Management finally evicted one guy (chronic alcoholic) who had a really massive infestation and a couple of the neighbors immediately entered and unknowingly helped themselves to some of his infested "free abandoned stuff" before management finally locked that door. Management then hired a hazmat cleanup crew (wearing full hooded Tyvex suits and respirators) to haul out the remaining furniture and contents a week later. Dispersed bed bugs could be observed walking up and down that hallway looking for a new blood host. I found an adult on my sock after retrieving my mail. An exterminator finally hosed down that apartment and that hallway with insecticide. They sprayed again weekly three more times. The common community meeting room was also sprayed but its numerous (infested) upholstered sofas and chairs remain untreated...while still daily used by tenants. Bed bugs can quietly sit unfed dormant for over six months waiting for a blood meal. Meanwhile, several mattresses and recliners from various apartments were quietly abandoned by tenants (no warning signs posted on them) outside the dumpster room.

Most tenants, including myself, had absolutely no knowledge about or life experience with bed bugs. A search on Zombie Squad Forum produced no results. I spent many hours researching "bed bugs" via Google. A simple Google Images search of "bed bugs" reveals shocking extreme photos of bite victims and infestations. Go ahead. Go to Google Images yourself and type in "bed bugs". It's a huge multi-million dollar industry now in the USA. Even Amazon and Wal-Mart sells bed bug insecticides, traps, and mattress/pillow covers. There are even Bed Bug Forums on the internet full of tales of woe. Dozens of videos at Youtube by freaked-out victims. I soon realized that much of the info (mis-info) about bed bugs on the internet is from sellers of these insecticides and traps and mattress/pillow covers. Much of it is hyperbole to sell their very expensive products. Local so-called pest control insecticide treatments by the "Pros" will cost $700 with no guarantee. Whole-house heat treatments are well over a thousand dollars per visit but they are most effective. This is important because some landlords of rented houses will blame the infestation on the tenant. Bed bugs are natural hitchhikers and can hop on us at hotels and libraries and even on New York subway cars. Landlords might send you the bill.

http://julesnoise.com/2014/05/21/bedbug-barriers/ is the best free (nothing for sale...just free info) resource on the internet in my opinion. After many hours of Google researching and days pondering I finally arrived at my personal minimalist solution. :


Bed bugs cannot climb up smooth slippery plastic bowls when dusted with talc powder.

Bed bugs commonly climb the wall and drop down from the ceiling over the bed. Bed bugs cannot climb vertical or horizontal 3/4" smooth cellophane Scotch tape when dusted with talc powder. Not their newer opaque "Magic" tape but their old style smooth clear tape. Apply this smooth cellophane tape OVER quick-release 1" painters masking tape when using on ceiling.

Popular bed bug mattress covers only protect the mattress and box spring but won't stop the bed bugs from climbing up our bed legs and frame over the (covered) mattress and over the bedding. Blankets can also hang down to the floor providing a quick path. My personal solution includes the 30" wide Slumberjack Tough Cot, 30" wide ALPS Comfort air pad, and 30" wide Wiggy's Slumber Bag. The six smooth plastic bowls under the legs are very inexpensive Rubbermaid food storage containers. These camping items can already be found in the usual Preps of some prepared Zombie Squad members.

Image Bed bugs are just tiny zombies...

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Re: Tiny Zombies...Bed Bugs

Post by woodsghost » Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:54 pm

Great write up!

As a student I had to deal with a full on infestation of bedbugs in a college dorm. For whatever reason, I was not affected, thankfully. It was an expensive problem to fix. A lot of rooms got that heat treatment, and we had probably 4-5 rounds of dogs coming through before it was all done.

You have a lot of great info in there! I wish I had known it at the time, but as I said, I ended up not being affected.

By the way, welcome to the forum!
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