Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by Isaholt669 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:22 am

I have excellent conflict resolution/mediation skills. I can start a fire. I have basic first aid skills. I am familiar with my local plants and their medicinal uses. I know how to fish, hunt and snare small game. I can build a small shelter, do basic vehicle repairs, dress and cook game and shoot a gun with reasonable accuracy.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by ArmySGT. » Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:53 pm

doc savage wrote:okay, lets go gonzo honest.....half of the posters are going to claim to be gunsmith/bountyhunter/special-forces/sniper lets have some fun with this:.
Wait......... I did go to Gunsmithing school..... I just don't work as one..... Turns out...... I hate puzzles.

Former Soldier (MP), Trained Gunsmith, ersatz machinist (gunsmith), heavy equipment operator (road graders, loaders, skid steers, screening plant), CCTV Monitor over network, Class A CDL holder (Nope, on day two of Trucking, so don't drive), and back to school for radiology tech.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by angelofwar » Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:03 pm

Strengths: I'm a jack of all trades and a master of a handful...well rounded individual..while I won't be the first to volunteer to lead, if I see non-progression/ass-clownery, I will step to the front and make shit happen. I'd be a good small team leader having good understanding of multiple systems/ideas/theories, etc. al.

Weaknesses: I take my beliefs very serious, and while I can get by in a normal situation, I can see in a stressful do or die situation, my "calls" as being objectionable (i.e. morality based), and therefore being a weakness to the team.
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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by Bridgebreaker » Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:35 am

Weakness: I am an admitted card carrying A-hole, who as my mother often said "does not suffer fools." I am never afraid to tell people exactly what I think about them and their plans, which can cause more than a little friction.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by butterfliesnrainbows » Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:42 pm

I have no formal midwifery training, but I've delivered a baby (my cousin's baby was born in our car on the side of the road) and I know all about taking charge of fertility / natural medicines for pregnancy and so on.
I'm a really hard worker, usually the last person to finish something.
I don't half ass anything unless really needed.
On that note, I'm pretty innovative and can come up with strange but good solutions.
I don't get poison ivy / sumac.
I'm always willing to learn.
I'm a manipulator. I can make people do people whatever I want. For real.

I'm kind of bossy. I don't like when people aren't working and others are, so I would be that person.
I need a lot of alone time to recharge my batteries.
I have a hormonal imbalance problem that really should be medicated, so I'm moody and fat when I don't take my meds.
I sometimes cry for no reason.
I will be the first to tell you I probably wouldn't survive when TSHTF.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by druid189 » Wed Sep 11, 2013 1:53 am

I'm 43 now and have been hunting since the age of 12...also, I have been wearing a badge since 21.

Currently I'm an SRT Officer in the Prison in which I'm employed. SRT duties require the ability to lead, as much as follow. We are proficient in deployment and use of armament and tactics, as well as "crisis managers." That term is not meant as "use of force" type of's more akin to "hostage negotiations" and such practices. Put simply? Our verbal judo is strong. Hopefully I can talk someone out of dying before I have to pull the trigger....

I'm also a certified Sharpshooter [the politically correct term for "sniper"]. I'm cert'd in the Remington M24 and M21 [an M14 variant], each to 500 meters. Other weapon cert's would include Remington 870 [lethal and less-lethal], Glock 23, FN-303, TASER X26, expandable baton, riot baton, S&W 586, 686 and chemical agents.

Obviously the tasks in which I'd be best suited would be security, detention and authoritative use of force.


I'm also a hunter, leather worker and bushcrafter. With perhaps the exception of "bushcrafter," these skills are pretty self-explanatory.
Bushcraft is the ability to survive in a non-urban environment, with only the most minimal of gear. Put simply, "survival camping." Most bushcrafters will tell you that it's easier than it looks. I will caution you otherwise. Hardcore bushcrafters take little more than a good blade [perhaps also an axe], fire steel and metal cup/small cooking pot. Others will take some convenience 550 cord, some edibles, shelter materials, etc.
Survival camping is extreme...especially when living solely off the land. Mother nature is a vengeful bitc* and if you aren't careful, she will take your life in a heartbeat.
Before you have to do it, you should try it first. Search Google for forums and help. Read, read and read some more. When you are done with that, find more to read.
Ok, enough of that...

I've also recently developed a desire to make blades and have created my "shopping" list of tools and materials. I've started one blade already...a "Scottish Dirk" to wear with my Honor Guard uniform. This is currently being hand filed and the elk horn handle will take some creative thinking to add [due to the full-tang design]. I guess you could then add "apprentice blade-smith" to the list.

Chalk it up to "occupational hazard" if you like....but I can be a ruthless prickyourfingertotestdiabetes. Dealing with over a thousand inmates tends to make you that way. Half are the most whiny, needy crybabies on the planet and the other half are trying to figure out a way to kill me and escape the wall.

That is not to say I don't have a softer side. I will listen to Classical music and love it........following a full dose of Five Finger Death Punch and a healthy portion of Lamb of God :clap: .

I have a wife and 3 children - and while I'm very patient with them, I have little tolerance for other people's bratty child/ren :rofl: "babysitter" should be the LAST on my list of accomplishments :lol:

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by iron_angel » Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:33 am

I'm a very fast learner and very good at information synthesis. I'm quite good at knowing how bits of information relate to each other.
I'm a general-purpose computer geek - not a code monkey, but I can code; not a desktop support guy but I can do that too. If we've got working computers I can keep 'em working and figure out how to make them talk to anyone else with working computers.
I'm a decent cook as long as I have decent ingredients, and I'm fairly good at ad-libbing recipes once I know generally what I want to make. I'm not as good at seeing a pile of ingredients and making something of it, though.
I'm a fairly good shot, and I can clean and do basic repairs of firearms. If needed my MacGyver-fu is fairly strong, but not as good as some.
I was in the military (though absolutely, unequivocally not any kind of operator, or even infantry - I was a network tech), and I was an NCO, so I understand a thing or two about getting people working together, and I know how to follow orders.
Poison ivy doesn't bug me, and I don't have any serious allergies. I have a few that are mildly annoying, but no more than that.
I have a broad, if shallow, array of general knowledge. While I'm a master of few trades, there are few subjects on which I'm entirely clueless. Combine that with information synthesis, and I catch on really quickly once I'm pointed in the right direction.
I have a strong sense of ethics.
I'm trained in shipboard firefighting and damage control, plus watchstanding.

I'm slightly out of shape. I can walk a long way, but running *utterly* sucks for me. My knees are all kinds of munted, shoulders aren't much better, and that's probably never going to significantly improve.
I'm not fat, but not thin either - could stand to lose 25-35 pounds, but my strength and endurance are decent as long as I don't have to run.
I'm more conflict-averse than I really should be, and I hate having to be a dick about things - this makes me really bad at policing people. That was my #1 weakness as an NCO.
I can be lazy - I don't like doing needless work, busywork or anything tedious. On the other hand, it's programmer's laziness, not stoner's laziness - it's not work I avoid, it's tedium. So, if I can find a way to automate, streamline or otherwise avoid the tedium while still getting the job done, I tend to do that.
I tend to value effectiveness over effort, and rapidly get frustrated with people who do poor work, even if they work their asses off to do it. Contrariwise, I'm quite forgiving of someone who does good work, even if they slack off a lot.
I have EDS, so my joints are all kinds of fouled up, and slinging around heavy weights is *not* a wise thing for me to be doing. If I do it and manage not to dislocate anything, I'll probably be useless for a day or so.
I have little tolerance for thoughtless dogmatism and inflexibility. Telling me "well, that's just how it is", when it's demonstrably *not*, is a very quick way to get my ire up. Orders that are obviously nonsensical or pointless are similarly annoying. I might comply, but I'll bitch about it later, and if time isn't of the essence, I'll damn sure ask why.
I can be indecisive, especially if I know I'm operating on incomplete information.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by Tyndmyr » Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:54 pm

Solid programmer. This skill is probably mostly worthless.
Former mil. Never been one of the balls-out action guys, but picked up the odd useful skill all the same.
Minor med skills. CPR, first aid, volunteered as a dummy for training in college a few times. Nothing on par with an actual professional, but I can patch things up if need be.
Grew up on a farm. Know more than I ever want to use about growing things. Sadly, this would probably be my valuable skill. Dammit.
Growing up, I hunted, fished, used to be fantastic with a rifle, but these days I shoot maaaybe once a month, and that's not even consistently the same firearm. With practice, I'm sure it'd come back, though.
Pretty fair at cobbling together working things from non working things.
Pretty decent with a longbow. Fletch mah arrows, have built a bow(the ugliest one ever made, possibly), but carbon shafts don't grow in the wild much.

That out of shape thing ya'll are mentioning? Yeah, huge factor. A desk job is not conducive to being fit, really.
I really hate farming. I'll seek to do anything I can to avoid to actually not have to grow stuff.
Allergic to cats and straw. The former is pretty avoidable, but the latter mixes poorly with farming.
Very individualistic. Probably more than is desirable post-disaster. Don't get me wrong, I'm very effective at leading a team if I have to, but I tend to make absolutely every effort to solve something solo before looking for help.
Living in civilization for the past decade likely means some of my wilderness skills have atrophied.
Immense burning hatred of spiders.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by IronKnuckles » Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:39 pm

Strengths: I am super tolerant, I raise chickens and keep a proper garden, I have a lot of experience with primitive tools like felling trees and turning them into lumber with axes and saws, I can make basic items with a forge like items from square nails up to basic pliers and such, I can talk the average person into things they never thought they would ever do, and they're happy at the end. Also I play the harmonica.
Weakness: When I say "I don't care" that's exactly what I mean. I don't cut firewood in July because I don't burn it until November. As far as I'm concerned it can wait until September. I don't mow my property. I think its stupid. I live in the country and my nearest neighbor is about 1/4 mile away. I don't snap in line and "take orders" I used to work at a "job" making money for some ungrateful guy and now I've learned to make it on my own and not care all at the same time. So if I don't see the point of something. I'm not going to do it. I have no ambition in life.
Maverick299 wrote:Where's the government bailout for Hostess? I would have survived just fine without Chevy or Chrysler, but life without strawberry fruit pies seems kinda pointless.
AK_Stick wrote:Pretty much always be a need for people who can kill people, or work on stuff.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by safariteam5 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:03 pm

This is a cool topic and there were some interesting responses when it came up before. I'm constantly amazed at the depth/breadth of skills and experience here at ZS. But it never hurts to think about such things and how they may have changed over the years. ... =6&t=19778

This was my original answer:

"Like Maniac I too have military experience with a few years on an A-team and all that that implies such as navigation, small unit tactics, small arms marksmanship, trauma management, leadership, etc. I was on a WIC team so I have spent plenty of time with small boats. I went to SERE and SOT so I have pretty comprehensive survival and CQB skills. I have extensive experience travelling around the world, with a bunch of time in Third World countries that aren't too far from the PAW at the best of times. I have "seen the elephant" so to speak on more than one occassion and managed to keep my head. I have organized, trained and lead groups from as small as a squad of Zairean paratroopers to a what amounted to a mechanized infantry battalion with indigenous air assets in Iraq. I speak conversational Spanish and can get by in French. Perhaps most useful is the hard to quantify capacity that most SF guys have which I suppose is the synergistic combination of apptitude, training, mindset and experience. It is what allows a 12 man team to operate behind enemy lines for months on end, to train indigenous troops and lead them in combat, thereby serving as a force multiplier. It is persistance, audacity, and improvisation all rolled into one.

In addition to that I am currently a federal agent with years of experience organizing security for everything from the Secretary of State to several US Embassies. This includes experience in physical security such as locks, lights, and alarms to managing a local guard force to interpersonal skills such as working with host nation police forces and foreign diplomats.

I have also been a hunter, fisherman, and general outdoorsman for most of my life. I have 40 acres of land (back in the US) and spend vacations learning basic carpentry, land management and self reliant gardening.

I have quite of bit of training in anti-terrorist driving and off-roading but am a bit weak in mechanical skills. I can break stuff but not really fix it. I recognize this weakness and now take every opportunity to learn more about automotive mechanics and general engineering.

I have a fair bit of experience riding horses but still need more experience and knowledge dealing with and caring for livestock.

I am 41 and still in pretty good physical condition. Despite the wear and tear of such a life I am fortunate to not have any serious injuries. I creak and groan like the tin man when I get out of bed in the morning but I think my experience and craftiness make up for my waning youth and agility.

So while I am not a dentist, can't brew beer, nor build a diesel generator from scratch I imagine I would still be an asset to most survivor communites. If all else fails, like my wife says, I have a strong back and take instruction well. I have plenty of time driving a "Honduran back hoe" (shovel) and in this day and age of technological sophistication, a guy that can put in some good manual labor is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. That is unless you count all the "undocumented workers" from down south."

Since the above posting, a bit has changed, for the most part I'm happy to say, for the better. I'm a few years older and my knees don't creak and grown any less in the mornings but I have gained even more experience. After returning from South America we purchased an older house on 11 acres and spend most of our free time turning it into our dream farm. We still own our 40 acres in the mountains but it is too far from where I work so we purchased another place to live in for now. The mountains will have to be our retirement home. We raise a nice garden each year and it gets better and more productive each time. We can a good portion of our produce and live on it all year. We now raise rabbits, chickens, guinea hens, pigs, goats, and bees so I have added small animal husbandry, fence building, and butchering and processing of meat to my tool box. I have done quite a bit of carpentry and home improvement to our house so those skills are updated as well.

And one thing I have learned from our foray into homesteading is how much more difficult it is than one would first imagine. When talking to people that don't prepare for the ZPAW or anything else, especially military and LEOs I know, the standard idea is they'll "just go out into the woods and kill some deer" and plant the handful of seeds they may have saved and "grow a garden". I have hunted for years and have gardened fairly seriously for the last four years with many "salad gardens" before that. Even now I would be hard pressed to feed my family of three year round on what I can hunt/grow by myself. I imagine in a real ZPAW situation of any duration there will be lots of such people staving.

Despite these additional skills I am still lacking in several areas. I still am not much of a mechanic. We inherited my wife's grandfather's 1958 Ford Jubilee tractor which is about as simple a mechanical "vehicle" as you can get and I still needed the assistance of an elderly neighbor and my step-dad to get it back into service again. Under the hood of my much more modern Dodge pickup and my wife's Subaru looks like a plate of chow mein. We are doing well with our garden but need to learn about saving seeds from year to year to be more self-sufficient. We need to learn to make soap. I need to learn how to weld. The list goes on and on but I am working on it.

Another issue I deal with are kidney stones. I have altered my diet, mostly but cutting out colas and haven't had a problem in a couple years but I still have two stones in my kidneys waiting for the least opportune time to make an appearance. I am trying to convince my urologist to deal with them now vice when he has been eaten by a zombie but he is still a bit conservative in his approach to dealing with this issue.

But all things considered I think I would be an asset at least for a few more years.
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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by azrael99 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:37 pm

strenght :

-over average shooter
-got basic first aid skill and even minor surgery skill
-got basic blacksmithing skill
-good to find material and useful gear
-can think outside the box to resolve problems
-can easily planify how to make improvised weapons and also make them with stuff laying around
-never underprepared for a situation


-have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (but is under medication)
-have poor cardio and only average fitness
-have only the minimum social skill
-have trust issue , almost paranoiac
-could have a short temper if i didn't have enough sleep or if my blood sugar is low
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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by .milFox » Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:13 pm

YA jack of all trades type, and hey, able bodied folks who can work well with others can basically pitch in anywhere. That said, survival isn't about myself, but family as well.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by Isaholt669 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:09 am

Weaknesses: my health. I am out of shape and while I can walk/hike for days, a short run is killer. Also, long term, if society (pharmaceutical companies) don't get back on line in a year or so, I will slowly die from lack of thyroid horomone as the replacement is only shelf stable for a year. It would probably take another year for my heart to actually stop.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by FelixArchon » Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:14 pm

I can lift heavy objects.

More importantly: I'm willing to do it if that's what the community happens to need.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by Ronin672 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:31 am

I'm one of those guys who absorbs skills like a sponge, weather it be from a hobby, or actual training/schooling.
Strength is one of my biggest things I bring to the table. I grew up spending summers on my grandmother's(dad's side) farm, tossing bales and helping with fencing and other maintenance. Some say I may not be smart, but I can lift heavy things and carry them where they need to go.
Cooking, be it in an actual kitchen, or a campfire, I'm good with food. My grandfather(mom's side) was a restaurant chef, and I spent a lot of time with him after school, cooking supper for the family. Later, as I got older, I helped with his catering business, first as a dishwasher, then as his kitchen helper, finally, cooking side by side with "the Old Man". I love cooking fresh fish and wild game, and usually finding fixin's from what is around me.
Security, would be another strength I bring to the table. I competed 6 years in Karate/kickboxing, was an SCA heavy fighter and archer, an avid scenario paintball player, and I was an avid hunter. I also graduated from the law enforcement program at the local tech school, and have worked security for concerts and large events.
I guess, I'm told, I'm also good at repurposing things, and thinking outside the box to repair/build something to fix a problem, or get a job done.

My weakness list would have to include my arthritis in my knee, being overweight, a fear of heights(almost panic attack level),my "Irish temper" :twisted: , and I have a tendency to look out for others more than myself(I'd probably starve myself making sure others got something to eat, or freeze because I gave up my blanket to keep someone else warm)......
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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by DarkAxel » Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:20 am

Strengths: I'm a carpenter, I can roof, do siding, and build just about anything. I'm also a (so far) successful business owner with experience managing work crews. I do have some .mil training, and thanks to the health issues my family has faced in my life I have a very good understanding of some of the concepts behind medicine and prescriptions. I can read people relatively well, I'm good at changing minds when in person, and I'm quickly becoming skilled at sales. I'm also a farmer and a hunter with a MO that heavily emphasizes sustainability, conservation (both wildlife and soil), and more primitive methods of planting/processing meat. I'm a fair shot with firearms and bows, I know how to read tracks, sign, and I can stalk. I've also got a lot of other skills I can't think of right now, but I learn new things quite rapidly.

Weaknesses: I have been diagnosed as being a manic depressive with schizophrenic tendencies. I've managed to adapt to it without relying too heavily on medications, but I still have sleep problems. I also have memory problems and I must write important things down or I will forget them unless it is something I've developed a routine around. While I have very few physical problems (a compressed disk in my lumbar spine, a bum knee, a couple of repaired hernias, and partial hearing loss), I includes my family, and two members of that family have serious medical issues. My mother is a full-blown manic that likes to go off of her meds, she has a bum ticker (two heart attacks in Jan and Feb of this year :shock: , and has cataracts that only allow her to see something if she is looking right at it. My brother is a TBI survivor with severe epilepsy that is barely controlled with modern meds. My bro also has diabetes insipidus, cannot walk, has serious short-term memory problems, and has problems controlling his verbal expressions (let's just say he's said more than a few inappropriate things in public). DA Jr has Type 1 Diabetes. I included my family's weaknesses because I will be where they are until I can't. Now my personal weaknesses. I have anger control issues that I struggle with constantly. I can also get very impatient with people who aren't good a following directions or learning. I can get very opinionated and stand-offish while discussing certain things. I also don't handle being cornered very well. I also lash out against manipulators and have accused innocent folks of trying to manipulate me in the past.
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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by Gixxer1237 » Sat Oct 26, 2013 3:54 pm

Strengths- I'm big and strong. If it has wheels I can drive it. I worked corrections for 5 years and 3 was on the SRT team, so I can handle my self in a physical altercation. I can also defuse most situations between anything resembling resonable people. I went to school to be a machinist and can also weld fair. I shoot F-class competitively, am passable with a pistol or shotgun. I hunt, fish, and work on vehicles. I also goof off at blacksmithing.
Weaknesses- I'm big, overweight, and not fast. You want someone to bust bush for a couple days I can do it, but a week? Find one of those little fellas that work like machines. I have asthma so I won't be running to far to often. I hate the heat. I hate mornings. I tend to do what I'm good at and see every problem as a nail. I also need a lot of water. I chew tobacco and have a mountain dew adiction.

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by paulie86 » Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:54 pm

Hey guys,
Im from Germany and found this... This topic actually Made me Register.I read most of you guys posts. Since its 5am in germany im tired and will keep it short.

Iam something most of you would consider useless in a apocalypse: i studied political economy and will finish my mastersdegree soon.My specialization is institutional economy. This means, I can help a society to set up an entire government with all necessary functions regarding legislation, jurisdiction and executive powers. That's maybe my biggest help for a community :D

Strenghts: I have been called intelligent several times my life. I speak german, English, Spanish,french and a bit of Chinese. I am a project manager PMI and used to be a mediator in several pm issues. I really get along with most people well and if imight sayso vice versa. In general I am More a man for the big picture rather than small details. Thats for intellectual skills so far.

I happened to grow up in a rural area in Germany and guns are also familiar to me. I can hit something with rifles. I am fit and healthy too. I love to cook and can make soups and gulash on camp fires. I know how to use a bow and hit something in 40 - 50 meters.

Weaknesses: If I see stupid things happening cos ppl lack abilities to include all factors in their decision making processes I will leave pretty soon. I figured it impossible to fight for leadership. Why is that a weakness? Cos I let the rest go with those leaders instead of helping them. Maybe we can call that unloyal I don't know the right expression...
I hate to get up early but can work perfectly all night long. My biggest weakness is my laziness when it comes to physical heavy work. I can do it cos I'm strong, but I just hate it so much. Better give me something to think about i can solve. Oh and I am very bad at telling jokes. Cos I'm german. U know? That was a joke. See? Not funny...
I am strong but I actually never had a fight in my life. Physical conflicts give me bad feelings but i can argue with people who have worst intentions and make them not fight at all. My super super biggest weakness: i am afraid of knifes. If someone takes a knife and plays around with it I can not think anymore at can't stop staring at it. Guess what, I have been accidentally stabbed in my early years.

Since I need glasses an optician would be essential for me to be in the community :)

Maybe the best thing for all you unhealthy people, I bring my girl with me, she is a doctor ;)

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Re: Strengths/Weaknesses You Would Bring to a Community

Post by doitnstyle1 » Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:41 am

We all have skills that could be useful in specific situations. But are you able to really put them to use. A better picture would be painted if the following analysis is used:

Why not use a S.W.O.T. model from business. It can be just as easily applied here and would be mroe thorough.
S-Strengths- What aere your strengths, abilities and non-tangible assets you can bring into a group?

W-Weaknesses- What weaknesses, real or imagined, would most people consider a liability to their group if you were to join?

O-Opportunities- What kinds of opportunities do you see joining a specific community for yourself as well as the community?

T-Threats- What threats to your well being do you forsee by joining another group? ( not just saying that this group may be detrimental to my well being)

It would be interesting to see some of the answers.
"All religious stuff aside, the fact is people who can't kill will always be subject to those who can." - Brad "Iceman" Colbert, Generation Kill


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