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Upcoming events

Post by epi_diva » Tue May 07, 2013 5:18 am

Hi all,

We want to do another hike. I am booked the next two weekends (May 11 = Mother's Day and May 18). What's everyone's availability if you are interested? It can be beginning of June even.

World War Z premier is June 21. Who wants to go as a group? Can we get it together to go for opening night?

One of our members is trying to get a service project together for us to do as one of our charity events. We need to do two every year. We were looking at Habitat for Humanity but Beaver Co is booked. That's the county she's from. We could explore doing a different county or a different project. Let me know your ideas. I know ZS Jest had given me something that he was interested in but I would need to discuss further with him and it was in conjunction with school so it might be better for the fall. We could also volunteer at the food bank, I know they are always taking volunteers. Typically we have been doing 2 fundraiser events but it would be nice to do one fundraiser and one service project per year going forward.

Feedback please!!!

ZSC002 - Chapter Officer

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