2 meter, 70 cm Simplex around Troy, Wentzville or Warrenton

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2 meter, 70 cm Simplex around Troy, Wentzville or Warrenton

Post by dpayette » Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:39 pm

This may sound silly, but I would like to find hams in between these areas to have in a network if something goes to hell in a handbasket. I would like to rely on simplex, understanding that one of the local repeaters would greatly broaden the network. My goal is to have a couple of contacts in each of these areas to help relay information that could be helpful in a SHTF secenario. The side goal is to connect with like minded people close to me until we are in the shit.

About me:
I live in Wright City and have been a Technician class Am. radio license holder for many years. I have 4 HT and play with them here and there.i dont want to spend my time talking about old dusty boxes and what ad blocking progam I am using, I would like to have a monthly "net" on simplex with some people from these areas if the terrain allows. If you are interested please PM me to exchange call signs, blah blah blah....

I am not Bert Gummer, and far from useless, just looking for contacts to help build a network.


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Re: 2 meter, 70 cm Simplex around Troy, Wentzville or Warren

Post by crypto » Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:38 pm

Sorry man, I'm about 40 miles east of you but way out of simplex range.

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