Fund raiser for coworkers son injured in dog attack

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Fund raiser for coworkers son injured in dog attack

Post by ILswatcop » Thu May 14, 2015 7:38 pm

Fellow ZS'res, the 5 year old son of a coworker was severely injured when he was attacked by the families 120 lbs Mastiff on May 6th. He received bites along the length of both legs, one of which tore an artery, as well as bites to his abdomen. He had to be flown by helicopter to a children's hospital in St Louis, Mo, where he underwent 7 hours of surgery. Conner remained in the hospital for 8 days, about half of that was in the PICU. He came home on May 14th! While he gets better with each day, he and his family still have a long road ahead of them. He has to undergo daily dressing changes , physical therapy, as well as psychological and emotional therapy. The medical bills, even with insurance, will be quite large. I am hoping we can help ease some of the stress for this wonderful family by spreading word of the fundraiser in the following link. It is our goal to help raise enough money to help cover their out of pocket expenses, that way they can concentrate all of their energy on Conner, and not feel like they have to work enormous amounts of OT just to make sure they can pay their mortgage and unforeseen medical bills. Please share this link with friends, family, coworkers, social groups, etc...Thank you!

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