Hots springs, AR in November

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Hots springs, AR in November

Post by tinythief » Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:24 am

I am currently planning to join a group of jeepers to head down to Superlift this thanks giving. Basically we will be camping for the weekend. The anticipated weather is 40-30F. This will be my first real cold experience as I'm planning as such.

I'm looking for recommendations for a cold weather jacket, a tent and a sleeping bag. And other tips and advice are welcome.

Requirements: total under $350 ( less is better), does not have to be light weight(not super heavy as well.) There will be space constraints aw a buddy and me are sharing a 2 door jeep. Can be used as bob equipment in Texas as well.
Jacket: able to keep me warm till 30f while layered. I'm looking at a carhett j130 at the moment.
Tent: perferably something that can be used for camping in Texas year around as well. Maybe a 3 seasons 2man tent. I do not mind being a cheap ass and just using a tarp.
Sleeping bag: looking at getting on of those military sleep systems with the brivvy bag. Maybe an additional pad for comfort.

Your thoughts?

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