"portable' pack group high volume water filter with UV

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"portable' pack group high volume water filter with UV

Post by ineffableone » Fri May 20, 2016 5:39 pm

Just saw this video on a high volume group filter with UV light purification.

You can find them for sale here http://aquaneticsh2o.com/shop/ $1397 with folding solar $1297 without.

Looks like a great set up to leave at a BOL, or to have to take to a BOL or cabin and not have to leave an expensive water filtration set up there to possibly get damaged or stolen.

Obviously this is not a light weight system, or a low cost one.

Now you could build something similar, but your not likely to save a whole lot in doing so and you will have to deal with the frustration of finding the parts and putting it all together in a compact form. Though some folks also might want to try their hands at DIYing one of these and I would encourage people to go for it if they want, the videos I am posting below will give some idea as to how to do something a bit larger scale but a good starting point to understand these.

I have been pricing out water filtration for a homestead (my bid on 40 acres was just accepted), specifically trying to find the pricing for a similar set up as the Earthship Water Organization Modules (WOM). Which with what these packs have in them remind me of quite a bit of a portable WOM. Of course the prices may vary and if doing a smaller system like the pack you would likely have lower cost on filters and UV, but this gives a good idea of what you might pay putting together a similar type of system.

Here are some videos some one put together pricing out a WOM. Sort of boring videos as they are just going through parts and listing prices, it is worth checking out the guy's other videos if interested in this sort of set up and want more info and details.

Part 1 cost $1150 basic filtration up to .9 micron ceramic filter
Part 2 cost $825 UV purifying filter
total cost $1975

Is this for everyone? Nope not at all. Is it for backpacking, not likely. But for preppers, this could make for a great possible option to look into for a BOL. As mentioned something that can be easy to bring out to a BOL property, or easy to secure and stash on the property so it is not easy to steal or damage.

Another thought about this I could see, is it could be a great barter. I have been at events where I have bartered the use of my pump filter for people. In SHTF, having a portable filter like this that could produce gallons of water fast, could be a serious barter tool. Or if your generous, you could just use it to aid your community, bringing it in to fill people up on clean water every few days in a SHTF situation.
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