ZSC:005 Event: Zombie Film Festival Sept 26 in Seattle!

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ZSC:005 Event: Zombie Film Festival Sept 26 in Seattle!

Post by DrGonzo » Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:05 pm

Survivors, Hunters, Shamblers, Runners, Biters, Droolers, Crawlers, Preppers and Vault Dwellers:

The 2009 Revenant Film Festival is again upon us. We had an awesome time last year, and we're hoping to make another large showing.

Extinction Level Event (What): The 2009 Revenant Film Festival hosted by Revenant Magazine. Showcasing the best, worst and bloodiest in independent zombie cinema from around the world.

The Battleground (Where): The Seattle Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in the heart of Seattle. McCurdy Park, 2700 24th Ave East, Seattle, WA 98112.

Day of the Apocalypse (When): Saturday, September 26 from 4 pm-midnight.

Patient Zero (Who): The Pacific Northwest Chapter of Zombie Squad (ZSC:005) will arrive in force ready to spread the word of post-Apocalyptic Survival and Zombie Defense. Some of us may be manning a table with flyers, so sport your ZS shirts, shwag and your finest zombie related apparel. Leave the boomsticks at home. Bring your friends, use them as bait.

Prepare! (Pre-party): Same as last year, DrGonzo will be hosting a pre-festival BBQ at his place which is about two minutes away from MOHAI. Doors at Casa de Gonzo opens at 1 pm til we rally to the festival. BBQ is for members only (as in I've met you before at a meeting or event, or you are coming with another chapter member). I've got some spare zombie hunter apparel for anyone who wants to dress up (I'm getting mad-militant this year). PM me for directions.

I'll be printing out copies of the ZS posters, flyers and targets to give away. Any other shwag or table display items (we're not selling merch) you guys can think of would be appreciated.

Advance tickets are available at http://www.revenantfilmfest.com or at the door.


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Re: ZSC:005 Event: Zombie Film Festival Sept 26 in Seattle!

Post by EeRie » Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:04 am

This looks like so much fun... very cool to see you guys have a table at such a zombtastic event!
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