ZS Blood Drive 4/18/09

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ZS Blood Drive 4/18/09

Post by iloveash » Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:40 am

It's that time of year again...roll up your sleeve and give a little!!!!

As a little incentive, we are going to be giving out "limited edition" ZSC001 dog tags to any ZS'er who donates and wrangles a non-ZS person to donate along with them! So bring your mom, neighbor, spouse or local bum and show that your one of the "cool" kids!!

To qualify for the tog tags, please pre-register for the blood drive by sending an email to:
BlooddriveSTL@zombiehunters.org ...include your name and the name of the person who is donating with you along with a time preference, if any, between 12pm & 3:30pm.

If you want to donate but are limited on time...pre-register for an appointment and we'll get you in and out in about an hour!!!

As always, we'll be serving up the tastiest BBQ in town, then washing it down with Zombie movies!! It's guarenteed to be the best time you've ever had...bleeding!!

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