Fixing Fuel Tank Problems or Day of Double Failure

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Fixing Fuel Tank Problems or Day of Double Failure

Post by Stercutus » Sat Mar 23, 2019 11:14 pm

It is spring around here and time to do some maintenance on the fruit trees and blueberries. I use my Polaris Sportsman around my place to tote tools, visit neighbors and move things around the little homestead.

It would not start. No surprise the battery was dead the vehicle it is four years old and sits for long periods with a trickle charger. I went tried to start it anyway with a booster and it would not start, sounded like no fuel. I open the fuel tank up, shine a flashlight inside and see a bunch of green goop. Algae has taken over the tank. No easy way to drain a Polaris either, the fuel pump is on top.

So I set it aside and jump on the KLR. It won't start either. The battery is a larger but a year older. I decide to jump to at least ride around the place and make assessments and it also won't start. Suspecting more fuel problems I open up the tank and shine a light inside. The tank is full of rust. The rust is everywhere but an especially neat line along where the fuel level is. Rust is floating in the tank.

Ef ethanol and it's water absorbing traits.

I take the tank off the KLR and dump the fuel. Lots of rust flakes and pieces comes out. I go down to the basement pantry and pull three gallons of vinegar and dump in to the tank. I give it a good shake. Everyday for a week I give it a good shake and adjust it so it is lying on a different part of the tank.

After a week I dump the vinegar then take the hose and spray it up inside. I shine a light up inside and it is nice and shiny inside, no more rust. I then spray a bunch of degreaser inside the tank swish it around a lot and then dump it. More water, followed by denatured alcohol until it is rust free, clean and dry.

Next I apply a product called Red Kote. It is a fuel tank liner to prevent rust. Following the instructions carefully. Reinstall the tank it is better than new now. A new battery and GTG.

While all this is going on pump as much of the fuel out of the Polaris as I can and dump it. Then add fresh fuel. Polaris starts and runs but idles like crap. Too much junk in bottom of tank. I look inside and fuel is green again. Not with floating algae but too green. I pump it out, again. I put a small amount of fuel in with several different kinds of FI cleaners and gas treatments. Still runs like crap.

I get in to the pool supplies. I put a couple of ounces of copper algicide in to the tank. Effects are immediate and pronounced. Algae is dead but Polaris is still not running right. Need to do a complete fuel system cleaning. Will update later.
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Re: Fixing Fuel Tank Problems or Day of Double Failure

Post by yossarian » Sun Mar 24, 2019 1:07 am

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