Got a start.

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Got a start.

Post by Dain » Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:52 pm

Just recently bought a 98 grand cherokee (ZJ), 4wd, 4.0, auto trans of course. I've been tracking down issues with the electrical system, anytime I would leave it parked for a day or two the battery would be stone cold dead. Well in the last two days got it worked out. The body of the ZJ had a body control module (BCM) that runs the lights, windows, door locks, radio, and all the other good crap. Anyway, faulty door and rear hatch switches kept the module "awake" even when it was parked so the battery had a constant drain. After disconnecting the switches it seems the problem is solved. I left it parked for the last two days to test and she fired right up.
Future upgrades? Roof rack, I drew one up that would use the factory luggage rack bars, with one extra sourced form a junk yard and added in between the other two. Rack will be 6ft long and just over 3 ft wide with 4 lights mounted on the front end. Materials will be simple 3/4 inch electrical conduit, 12 3/4 inch T connectors, 8 3 way corner connectors, and two 90 degree connectors. The bottom made from bar stock braces with plywood covered in rubberized sealer laid over it.
I will also be adding a spare deep cycle battery, solar battery tender, a Ham along the lines of the ranger RCI 2950 I used to have, SUV tent that can be set up off the back with led lighting from the jeep battery system. She'll also get a 2' spacer lift, full engine and rear end overhaul just to restart the lifespan, and rear lockar to improve her off road abilities. I might eventually add an off-road front bumper and winch. But that would be the last of all. Good thing about all this is I mainly only have to pay for parts and materials. Being mechanically inclined (I'm a mechanic I better be) I can do all the work myself. LOL

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Re: Got a start.

Post by ProstheticWeasel » Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:56 pm

Nice! I had a 98 in Iowa that I really liked. I paid 1300 for it and the exhaust fell off on the way home. :) Mine was a Laredo with the straight 6 and was in pretty decent shape body wise. We have had quite a few jeeps but that one sticks in my mind. Probably because it was so cheap and parts for it were cheap as well.

Mine had a problem with the VIC that turned out to be a bad solder joint. It kept saying the wiper fluid was low and I found a forum post where someone pointed out which solder point in the VIC was bad. I resoldered that and the problem went away!

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