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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by emtmark » Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:25 pm" onclick=";return false;
the beginning....... total newbie to ZS enjoy i will get medium shit and holy shit posted as i can..... ... 43&t=68900" onclick=";return false; the critique/advice thread if you must :)
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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by teet » Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:09 am

Here is my kit






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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by DocSmitty » Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:46 pm

Since I am new to this great site I figured I would post my Aid bag and a good first post. First my background, I am a US Army Reserves Medic. I just came off active duty about 9 months ago and I am currently serving 3 years in the Reserves here in Colorado. I work at a local ED as a ED tech. Its a good job with a great hospital, the largest level 1 hospital in Denver. I am a NREMT-P with ACLS, PALS, PEPP, and PHTLS. I am a TCCC trainer. I love what I do and would change for nothing...well unless the Army wants to send me to PA school then maybe I would change. Joys of living in Colorado is they do not handcuff us as EMS. Our rule 500 and state directives are very open and leave a lot of room for EMT-B and medics to do quite a bit. I have about 10 maybe 12 IFAK's and aid-bags just laying around my house. I have one I keep in my car I have my Army medic bag. I have a wilderness bag that I take out when I am hiking. The one I am going to show you is what i call a mission bag. It has most everything I would need to provide complete care for a short mission in the field. As I do not know it all I am of course open to any and all suggestion thank you.

First thing First my bag of choice.
London Bridge LBT-1562B
@ Good little bag it has just enough room for what I need for a day long mission maybe a little longer.

@ As you can see this is where I keep my trauma shears. Why carry one when two fit just fine.

@ This is the top. I alway carry at least one carabiner then come in handy so much.

Top compartment open
@ So this is the top compartment flap open and ready to use. I call this my Bleeding and Airway compartment. From here I should be able to stop most bleeding and airway issuse I may run into.

---->List of Items contained here:
*4 NPA with lube
*2 OPA
*2 ARS Needle Decompression
*1 EpiPen
*2 CAT Tourniquet
*1 SOF Tourniquet
*1 Sharpie (for writing tourinquet time)
*1 Scalpel
*2 3in Acewraps
*2 Coban
*1 Skedco Medical Headlamp )with drop in blue tent cover for seeing blood)

Pockets in the top compartment

--->Items contained here:
*4 "Cervats" aka muslin compressed bandages
*4 6in Israeli bandage (now i take mine out of the green foil package for quick access)
*1 LRG roll Kerliz

Other Side of top compartment

---->Item contained here:
*1 #5 King Tube

Flap of the Top compartment Pocket 1

----> Items contained here:
*1 Pocket Mask
*6 ACS packs for sucking chest wound.

Flap of the top compartment Pocket 2

----> Items contained here:
*1 Abdominal/Stump Truama dressing (once again out of the foil packing for quick access)

Large compartment opening
So here is the inner compartment this is where most everything else is stored. Lets start with the top compartment

Top Pocket Opening "Sick Call Pocket"

----> Items contained here:
*Sharps container (This actually a case from a old EpiPen. Its hard plastic with a scraw on lip fits great and work even better)
*2 forceps
*Digital oral thermometer
*1 Pen light
*Clotrimazole (anti-fungal Cream)
*1 Dermabond ProPen
*5 wooden tongue dressers
*2 chap-stix
*3 3cc syringe
*Bacitracin Zinc
*Hand Sanitizer

Zipper compartment Med Hold

Items Contained here:
In here is here i keep some of my OTC meds things like peto, throat lozenges, antihistamine. Various bandages, oral rehydration salts, Biofreeze (bengay), and of course condoms...ect. This would all very depending on mission length and time of season what not.

Bottom Compatment IV storage

IV bags wraped in Cervats and tegaderm
This is how I keep my IV kits stored. I roll them in Muslim bandages. Keeps it nice a compacts and neat plus it gives me something to roll up trash in after I am done with the IV

IV Kits
Here are my 500ml IV kits with normal saline. As you can tell I keep everything all together in the IV pack.

IV pack contents
As you can see there is really everything you need to start and run a bag. I keep two iv catheter, two alcohel wipes, 2by2, IV line, chuck, 500ml IV bag, rubber tourniquet, and two pieces of tape on the bag.

Bottom compartment of the bag
This is the lower half of the bag

Bottom Zipper and compartment

---->Items contained here:
*4 Quickclot Combat Gauze
*2 LRG rolls Kerlix
*10 4x4 gauze pads
*2 6in Acewraps" onclick=";return false;
*7 Eye Pads (work well as small piece of gauze as well)
*5 Petrolatum Gauze (works as a back up for sucking chest wound too)

Top Zipper and Compartment

----> Items contained here:
*IV hanging bag
*LRG Gloves
*FAST Intraosseous Infusion System (It is used to provide fluids and medication, when an IV line cannot be used)
*Deluxe Field Corpsman Kit

Diagnostic Bag

Inside of Diagnostic Bag

---->Items contained Here:
*BP Cuff
*Pulse and O2 meter

Items in back pocket of bag

---->Items contained here
*2 SAM Splints
*roll of mole skin
*2 Heat packs
*2 Ice packs

So here is one of my bags. If i get time i will post my car bag and my wilderness bag too. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions. Thanks
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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by 4-4CAVmed » Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:13 am


just waiting for deployment to get closer to get more gear issued.

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by DocMartin » Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:55 pm

Okay here we go.

Everyone's already seen this one

Image ... 43&t=72932

This is an Aid Kit that I carry with me in my hoodie jacket.



Clockwise from left:
-2x Four-inch Gauze sponges
-1x Five-by-nine Combine pad
-1x Steri-strips
-1x Polysporin gel
-3x Four-inch Non-sterile gauze pads
-2x Two-inch Non-sterile gauze pads
-1x 2nd Skin Burn Pad (underneath Non-sterile gauze)
-3x Non-adhesive pad
-Re-rolled Duct tape

My EDC/Minor Get Home Bag


My tools / gear compartment that has my Multi-tool, pens/pencils, notebook, etc
Here's the first aid section

-Retained EMT shears

Contents inside
-5x Gauze sponges
-3x Non-adherent pads
-5x Adhesive bandages
-2x BZK Anti-septic wipes
-Pair of Nitrile gloves
-1x 2nd Skin Burn Pad
-Re-rolled Breathable medical tape
-2x Gauze rolls
-1x Triangular bandage
-1x Emergency survival blanket

Trauma section w/ Red pull cord

-Four-inch Izzy bandage
-Four-inch Civilian bandage
-Gauze roll

Annnd there we have it.
-Emergency Medical Responder certified (EMT-B equivalent)
-CPR-Health-care provider certified (CPR Adult/Child/Infant and AED)
-Sports / Fitness First Aid certified

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by wild_weasel » Sat Dec 25, 2010 10:11 pm

Here is my First Responder Bag from Tactical Tailor. Originally I stocked it with the contents of my Combat Life Saver Bag but needed to make some room for a Pocket Mask. By switching out the Israeli bandages for their less bulky equivalents offered by North American Rescue I was able to add a pocket mask and one additional 6” trauma dressing.

Tactical Tailor First Responder Bag (CLOSED)

Tactical Tailor First Responder Bag (OPEN)

Contents of Tactical Tailor Bag

SAM Splint
6” Elastic Bandage
North American Rescue (NAR) 12x12 Abdominal Combat Dressing
x3 6” NAR Trauma Dressing
X2 HyFin Chest Seals
X2 Vaseline Gauze
x2 Compressed Gauze
x2 Combat Gauze
x2 CAT Tourniquets
3” Roll of Tape
x2 Triangular Dressings
x5 Nitrile Gloves (in top pocket)
Pocket Mask
Nasal Pharyngeal Airway 28 FR
Nasal Pharyngeal Airway 30 FR
x2 surgical lube
x2 14 GA Thorax Decompression Catheters
x6 Alcohol Pads
x2 Eye Shields
Trauma Shears (top of bag)
Strap Cutter (attached to side of bag)
Pen Light
Head Lamp
Marker (Sharpie)
Pen (Rite in the Rain)
EMS note book (Rite in the Rain)
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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by derf26 » Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:49 pm

Hey guys,

I hope this is ok to post, it's a youtube link to my first aid kit (I only started uploading to youtube last week). If not, feel free to delete it.

I'd just like to say, that the quality of the stuff people post on zombie squad is truly amazing. No matter how much I improve my preparedness on any issue and begin thinking that I'm doing pretty good, I can always come here and be humbled to no end. The stuff some people have makes my first aid kit look puny, even though my friend (the only one I even bothered telling about it) thinks I'm insane for having an iFAK. After that, I didn't even bother telling other people about preparedness.

Anyway, if anyone would like to comment on what's inside, what can be improved, added, removed, etc. please feel free to do so on the video. Any comments, critical or not, are appreciated.

Keep up the great work!
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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by dyslexicpenguin » Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:40 am

The bag itself is an LBT-1562B (STOMP II)




On the outside I've got x2 EMT shears with a pair of nitrile gloves held in place by the shears strap. Also seen is the roll of red duct tape which is just held on by one of the cinch straps. On the flashlight side I've got a normal xenon mini maglite. (couldn't justify paying for a mini LED when I have a Fenix LD20 within arms reach 99% of the time).

Inside the front compartment:


Left to right, on the "top" elastic straps.
x4 PriMed Gauze
x3 Emergency Trauma Dressings
x1 2" Durapore Tape
x2 SWAT-T Tourniquets
x1 Eye Protection

Left to right, on the "bottom" elastic straps.
x1 Bandage Scissors
x2 Sharpies
x2 Most common sized OPAs
x1 SWAT-T out of wrapper
x1 Pair of nitrile gloves

Compartments underneath elastic straps:



Left to right
x1 Ambu Rescue Mask
x6 Large Rolls of Kerlix

Zippered compartment underneath elastic straps:


x6 Cravats
x1 Flat Folding N95 Mask

x5 ABD 5x9" Pads

x5 4x4" Gauze Pads

Zippered Mesh Compartments:


Top mesh compartment has:
x20 4x4" Gauze Pads
x5 ABD 5x9" Pads

Bottom mesh compartment has:
x3 6" Elastic Wrap
x2 4" Elastic Wrap
x2 2" Elastic Wrap

Main Compartment:

Top zippered mesh pocket:
x4 2" Durapore Tape
x1 2" Transpore Tape
x4 1" Transpore Tape (varied lengths due to use)
x2 cut in half gift cards, with duct tape wrapped around

Bottom zippered mesh pocket:
x1 Costco quality headlight
x2 Emergency blankets

Airway Bag:
x6 OPAs (the rest of the set that the two in the top compartment came from)
x1 extra set of OPAs
x5 4x4" Gauze Pads
x1 Sharpie
x1 LED/glowstick light thing

Medbag compartment:
I took out the medbag, as I have no meds to put in it. Here's what I put in its place.

x1 Stethoscope
x1 BP Cuff
x4 PriMed Gauze (rubber banded to keep better shape)
The ziploc bag contains
x5 ABD 5x9" pad
x15 4x4" Gauze Pads

IV Bag Compartment:

x6 Large Instant Ice-Packs

Top Zippered Compartment:
This compartment is my "boo-boo" compartment.
x5 2x2" Gauze Pads
x Unknown amount of alcohol prep pads
x1 1" Roll Johnson&Johnson cloth tape
x1 Pill bottle containing super sharp tweezers
x1 Pair of gloves
x1 Sharpie
x2 #11 Disposable Scalpels

Zippered mesh compartment within boo-boo compartment:

This compartment has numerous miniature ziploc style bags that contain
-x5 Oval Eye Pads
-Assortment of band-aids (knuckle, fingertip, normal, large)
-Steri strips, suture strips, & butterfly closures
-Sting/bite kit
-x5 Biofreeze sample packs
-x4 extra pairs of nitrile gloves

I also keep 2 extra N95 masks, and 2 cheap 3" gauze bandage rolls for non-critical wrapping needs.

Back compartment:
x2 SAM splints

Link to thread: ... 43&t=74714" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by DracoNL » Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:45 am

First picture, just some bandage, butterfly stitches, pain killers, disinfectants, gold/silver rescue blanket etc.


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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by IsotopeGear » Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:50 pm

Since I am kinda new to the forum, a bit-o-my background for context:

- PharmD, practiced for 15+ years in large teaching hospital
- Practice areas - ID, Pulm, ICU & Trauma Team
- Certs: ACLS, PALS, EMT-B (expired, renewing in summer), WFR (current), Tac Med/TCCC (no cert)

Here's my approach. I have multiple mobile FAKs: 1) Hiking/Mountain Biking (MTB) First Responder IFAK, 2) Truck FAK (Trauma kit) and 3) BOB FAK. These kits are modular and support each other. This post is for my Hiking/MTB IFAK.

First off, you can only use what you actually have with you. What's back in your truck at the trail head is of no use. So ... My MTB IFAK had to fit in the smallest backpack that I take onto the trails (for hiking or mountain biking). In this case it is my Camelbak MULE, mountain biking hydration backpack. So the entire contents of what I would carry must fit in this. Second, I must be trained in the use of the items. Reading a field guide while performing an emergency procedure or "winging it" is not cool - IMHO.


In this Camelbak MULE bag, I carry my 1) EDC : cell phone, G19 and 1 additional mag, Spyderco folder, Gerber Infinity Ultra light, 2) 3L Hydration bladder filled, 3) Bike kit and micro pump, 4) My IFAK.

I found that the best sized case that would fit, was the Medical Accessory Bag from my Blackhawk Stomp 2 bag.


So, what do I put in this bag? Well, I wanted to treat the most likely things that I would see on the trails, and since the concept for this kit is - I am still operating in a "civilized" medical system (ie EMS is a phone call away), I don't need the STOMP bag.

What am I planning to treat, based on what have I seen? Well, I have seen lots of things that you would expect from MTB Bike crashes and hiking. Namely, fractures, open wounds, head injuries, eye injuries, and penetrating wounds. I have also seen the occasional severe hypoglycemia and MI. I have never "seen" on the trails, but carry for myself, supplies for anaphylaxis. Kit Goal: Stabilize until EMS in on scene which can be a bit back on the trails. I could of course perhaps use/need lots of other stuff (emergency cric, IVs, etc), but I am space limited.



Nitrile Gloves
Pocket CPR mask
Trauma Shears
Hand Sanitizer Wipes

NG (28fr + lube)
OPA (Guedel Red and Yellow Adult not pictured)
Petrolatum Gauze (x2)
Duct Tape
Durapore 1" tape

4" Izzy Emergengy Bandage
Z-Pak Gauze
QuikClot Combat Gauze

Tincture of Benzoin
3M Steri-strips
Tegaderm wound cover
Bandaids (Large and medium)

Triangular Bandages/Cravats x2
3" ACE Elastic Bandage

InstaGlucose (I use cake icing)

Benadryl (50mg)

Aspirin 325mg (first dose for MI)
Ibuprofen (200mg x 4) for when I crash ;)

Emergency Eye Wash (can also irrigate wounds)

Emergency Blanket

Whistle (to signal EMS)


What is "missing" is C-spine collar and/or SAM splint, but I just don't have room and therefore don't carry. Also, WFR teaches plenty of ways to improvise spine and fx stabilization with what I have in my current kit and the environment around me.

I'll post my other kits as I have time. - Jim

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Sochr000 » Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:38 am

Some background on me, I am an ARC First Aid/CPR instructor and I am Army field sanitation trained. The two FAKs I have are more based more around what I need for my job, but are being redesigned for survival and larger wounds.

My "Large" FAK
Attached to my Spec-ops T.H.E. pack, this used to be my main EDC bag, but due to stupid rules at work, I had to get a different EDC bag.

The contents are:
Field dressings (2)
Antiseptic cleansing wipe (5)
Alcohol cleansing pads (4)
Castile soap towelette (2)
6% Benzocaine wipes (2)
Medical tape (1)
Ibuprofen (2@200mg)
Acetaminophen (2@500mg)
Asprin (2@325mg)
Disposable thermometer (1)
Moleskin (2"x2")
Cotton swabs (10)
Tweezers (1)
Tongue depressor (1)
Gloves (4)
2" roller bandage (1)
Knuckle bandage (2)
Finger-tip bandage (2)
Large band-aid (5)
Medium band-aid (5)
2" sterile sponge (2)
2-1/8x2-5/8" eye pad (1)
2"x4" oval band-aid (2)
5"x9" abdominal pad (1)

My new EDC bag
A Maxpedition Jumbo S-type, this FAK is not complete yet, but figured I would post pictures of it as it is, before my ADHD causes me to... Oooh, shiny!

A Maxpedition FR-1

The contents are:
Neosporin (1)
#7 bandage scissors (1)
Sharpie marker (1)
Fingernail clippers (1)
Cleansing wipes (2)
Carmex (1)
1" medical tape (1)
Medium band-aid (15)
3"x3" sterile gauze pad (10)
3" ACE wrap (1)
Orange Zip-fizz (1) The Zip-fizz is more of an inside joke between me and a buddy, basically it's an energy drink that provides 41667% of your daily B-12...

As far as my small bag goes, I know I need some things, some I couldn't find locally, others were a bit too spendy this week. If you have any suggestions on what I should add, PM me, but so far I plan to add:
SAM splint
Steri strips
Kerlix (2 or more rolls, if they'll fit)
Iodine wipes
OTC painkillers

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Richard82 » Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:34 am


Here mij nieuw Medic pouch.

It is the Maxpedition FR-1 pouch and i bring it whit me as i go hiking and climbing.


Greedz Richard

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Murphnuge » Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:24 pm

Ok I'm putting this out there for critique (pm me to stay with the rules of the thread). I'm by no stretch of the imagination an emt/paramedic this is pretty much just thrown together based on my knowledge and skill level as a former Marine Infantryman. I keep this in my Jeep, but take it out when I hit the river to kayak. I can post descriptions later if anyone's interested. ImageImageImageImage
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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Quad-Response » Mon May 09, 2011 6:40 am

Awesome Kits guys, mine pales in comparison but here it is anyways:



1 Scissor pouch – Various Scissors, 2 Dressings pouch – Dressings of different types, 3 Adhesive dressings pouch – Plasters and Steristrips, 4 Bandages pouch
5 Burns kit, 6 Snap lights – Especially with FLIR systems, 7 Triangular bandages, 8 Saline Steripods, 9 Various tapes, 10 Sam Splints – Fracture Care and Support
11 Ambulance dressings, 12 Disposable blankets – Single Use Thermal Protection, 13 VIAMED© PulseOx. – To monitor Pulse and Oxygen levels within the blood
14 ADC© Sphygmomanometer – Blood Pressure Cuffs (adult & Child), 15 Littmanns© Cardiology II Stethoscope, 16 Tuffcut Shears – To get down to skin level
17 Sharps Bin – For Blood Sugar lances and other sharps, 18 Vitalograph© Hand Suction Unit , 19 Oropharyngeal Airways – To maintain Airway in unconscious patient
20 Bag, Valve and Mask's – Resuscitation Aids for manual breathing of Casualties, 21 Various Flow Oxygen Masks – Trauma and other gas flow rates
22 Sabre Ease Entonox Giving Set and Gas bottle – Analgesic (Painkilling) Gas & Air
23 Anti-bacterial filters for O2 and entonox – To prevent cross infection, 24 BOC© CD Oxygen Bottle.




This is by no means a 'combat' ready kit but already things are changing within this kit. Much more haemorrhage controls going in. I already have CATS and am waiting for more suture supplies etc.

Working on a full on Trauma bag but that is a few weeks away, I have to buy all this myself and anything else I want so it can take a little while to get things together.

Anyway, amazing kits here guys.




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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Riggs » Sun May 22, 2011 12:21 pm

Main thread here: ... 43&t=80255

Riggs wrote:Hello,

I’m just posting my kit for your critique. I’m a police medic with a UK force and use this bag when on operational duties and also as my personal family kit. My core role is uniformed response but bring my medic training to calls as required…mostly patching up drunks unfortunately. I always seem to be tied up somewhere when a decent trauma comes in :wink:
Medications are conspicuously absent as I am not permitted to administer any other than helping the patient with their own.
I also have access to an AED and oxygen therapy equipment which are not pictured as they are a shared kit so stay in the station for all the medics to use.
Let me know what you think guys.

The bag is a Blackhawk Special Operations Medical Pack which was bought out of pocket as I only get issued a medic vest which is not practicable to use for regular duties. On the compression straps on the outside of the pack I have added a couple of trauma shears and a roll of duct tape.

The front of the bag houses a flat zip pocket which holds the following;
Medic Forms, pens and some laminated aid-memoirs.
Nitrile gloves (x loads)
Alcohol hand sanitiser
Biohazard bags
Additional trauma supplies:
- 3x SP Services T4 trauma dressings
- 4x NA Rescue S-Rolled Gauze for wound packing

Opening the bag reveals my catastrophic bleed section and general wound dressings pouches.
The zip pouches contain the following items;

Top Left
2x CAT tourniquets (Orange)

Top Right
4x NA Rescue S-Rolled Gauze for wound packing

Middle Pouch
2x SP Services T6 trauma dressings
2x 6” ‘Israeli’ ETD
1x CELOX 35g Granules

Bottom Pouch
ABD pad dressings
- 5x 10x12cm
- 2x 20x20cm
- 1x 20x40cm
4x 10cm Conforming bandages
4x 7.5cm Conforming bandages
5x 7.5x7.5cm 5 pack Sterile Non-Woven Gauze Swabs
Minor wounds pack – Various plasters, Steri-strips, non-adherent pad (telfa) dressings

Folding back the the airway/equipment board allows access to the main compartment.

I have set up the airway/equipment board in my bag as follows;

Oralpharyngeal Airways
- 2x Size 4
- 2x Size 3
- 2x Size 2
- 1x Size 1
- 1x Size 0
- 1x Size 00
As a side note I am aware the number of OPA's may seem excessive but I use them quite frequently as a 'screening' device for the surprisingly large number of people (read: drunks, bums and general muppets) who want to be silly and act unresponsive when I am pretty sure they are well aware of what's going on...pretty hard to feign unconsciousness with a size 4 OPA in you :wink:

Argyle Nasopharyngeal Airways w/ Surgilube sachets
- 1x 26Fr
- 1x 30Fr
- 1x 34Fr

10x Tongue depressors
2x Asherman Chest Seals
2x Petrolatum Gauze dressings
1x Nonin GO pulse oximeter
1x Adult Magill Forceps
1x Pen light
1x High Intensity white chem lights
1x Permanent black markers
1x 0.3L sharps tube

The main compartment of the bag is not particularly segmented with a large fold over bag at the top and a flat, hydration bladder sleeve to the rear.

I use the fold over bag for bulky airway items and further diagnostic kit.

Welsh Allyn DS54 sphygmomanometer
Optium Xceed Glucometer
Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope - All black edition
Also pictured but kept with airways Nonin GO Pulse Oximeter
Tape - 2.5 and 5cm Transpore, 2.5cm Durapore, 2.5cm Micropore

Ambu SPUR II Adult BVM
Suction Easy Aspirator

The bag can fold back to expose the whole of the main compartment

I carry the remainder of my kit in this area
2x Foil blankets
4x CAS STRAPS (1x restraint, 1x long, 2x short)
1x Roll cling film
4x Burnshield gel dressings (2x 20x20cm, 2x 10x10cm)
1x 500ml NS IV bolus - for irrigation, dressing moistening and burn cooling.
4x Calico triangular bandages
Assorted phials and sterets of normal saline and Tisept.
1x Laerdal Stiffneck Select Adult Cervical Collar
2x SAM splints
Not shown but also have a 12x30" multi trauma dressing in the back of the main compartment.

I think that about covers it. I keep changing the bag contents around but I'm quite happy with the layout for now. I would love a STOMP 2 but at the moment I'd have difficulty justifying the price having spent a fair bit on some of the contents, mainly the diagnostics. I'll probably pick up a STOMP end of the year but for now I'm very happy with the Spec Ops bag.

Let me know what you think guys, I welcome constructive criticism :)



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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by pstj » Mon May 23, 2011 6:07 am

Heres my FAK that's currently on my LBV. Used to have a bigger one full of mundane stuff, but since getting shot during a shooting drill or when SHTF is the biggest threat I downgraded a bit. To be added: nasal airway tube and some kind of chestseal (a ready-made product or a piece of plastic to be used with ducttape). Forgot to remove ducttape covered businesscard from the pouch, so not pictured here. Also the retaining rubberbands will be replaced with something more sturdy.

Backside: ... 134442.jpg" onclick=";return false;


Condor I-Pouch
Combatkit tourniquet
5,5" scissors
4" izzy hemorrhage control bandage
Businesscard rolled in ducttape
Flimsy retaining rubberbands, likely to be demolished during removal of tq
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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by monkeys » Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:11 am

Honestly a lot of the FAKs in here seems like they're designed to handle everything from a cut thumb to battlefield gunshot wounds. To me first aid is just that, the very first and most basic sort of aid you can deliver. When I put together my FAK I figured minimal is the best bet as I don't want to lug around a trauma kit nor do I have the training to even use most of the stuff found in there.

Maxpedition M-2 waistpack containing:
1 large gauze bandage roll
1 small gauze bandage roll
2 3x3 gauze sponges
2 2x2 gauze sponges
6 2x2 sterile cotton pads
assorted bandages for fingers, knuckles, etc...
butterfly bandages
antiseptic cream
1 roll 1/2" wide adhesive tape
small scissors

I might throw in a few individual packets of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, but unless I'm preparing for mass casualties I think this will do just fine.

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by 45colt » Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:33 pm

My FAK is incredibly basic compared to the stuff you guys have. I suppose that I go more for the idea of having a FAK that is light enough that I don't need to sacrifice my BoB's weight." onclick=";return false;

This is the Bag when it's all packed up. it weighs about 4 or 5 pounds with everything inside." onclick=";return false;

This is everything laid out next to it. The contents are:

Bandaid Pack
(10 1in x 31/4 in)
(10 1 in x 21/2 in)
(10 5/8 in x 21/4 in)
2 Sterile dressings (4 in x 2 yd)
2 Sterile Dressings ( 2 in x 2 yd)
1 Self Adhering bandage (3” x 1.2 yds)
6 Johnson & Johnson Dressing Sponges (4” x 4”)
1 tube .5 oz neosporin
1 tube 1 oz cortione 10
30 cotton swabs
6 aleve caplets
8 advil tablets
24 tylenol tablets
24 benadryl tablets
hand sanitizer*
1 tube 1.5 oz first aid cream
4 oz of Robitussin
2 16 oz bottles of 91% Isopropyl alcohol
10 yds waterproof medical tape
1 mdi cpr microshield
1 combination Flashlight / Glowstick
1 pocket sewing kit
1 First Aid guide*
1 bandana*
16 3/4” x 3” bandaids*
1 Sting relief pad*
3 Antiseptic Towelettes*
2 Alcohol Prep Pads*
1 Knuckle bandaid*
1 Knee bandage*
2 Adhesive strips*
1 2” x 2” Gauze Pad*
2 Latex gloves*

I worry I dont have enough primary dressings, personally. But other then that, I feel it's better to have a light kit than one that's too big to comfortably carry it and your BoB. Anything with a (*) isn't pictured because I just bought it recently and my camera isn't cooperating.
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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by docrock » Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:39 pm

My primary bag is my TSSI M9. I had a Blackhawk bag I set up (already posted it on here a couple years back) in my evac vehicle, but this M9 was what I'd take on my back because it has a much smaller profile and is easier to use in vehicle operations. I'm currently no longer a medic, I'm an infantryman but with my background people still expect me to play doc, so I carry this bag with me everywhere. I still have my EMT-B license and am current on CLS, so this serves as my "super-CLS" bag.


On the outside I have 2 CATs rubber banded to each side's MOLLE webbing (total of 4), chemlights through the front MOLLE webbing, and an IR flag for night time IFF.


In opened the bottom pocket up I carry two 500ml of hextend, all of my CLS and trucks had tons of NS so I wasn't too worried about saline fluids. Also have two 10ml saline flushes to clear out locks in the compartment along with a NARP BOA band, sharps shuttle and FAST 1 IO IV kit with a tactical traction splint - we were primarily mounted in MRAPs so a long bone injury was likely in the event of a rollover so it was good to have around. Its hard to see, but the black bag on the right side is the case for the splint.


I set my IV bag kits up in what I call "burritos". It had an IV lock kit, tubing and fluids and was rolled up in a cravat held together by tape which could be used to secure the tubing and catheter down while saving a lot of space.


When you opened the main compartment the first zippered pouch on the flap panel was my "gay shit" pouch; I kept various meds (usually diphenhydramine, ibprofin, loperamide) as well as a minor wound kit with bandaids, 2x2s, telfa dressings, and steristrips along with antibiotic ointment in it.


I use the panel that came with the bag instead of using the one where you could make your own with tie downs. I keep 2 14 ga 3 1/4" NARP ARD needles in it, 2 Hyfin dressings and 2 ACS as well as a set of trauma sheers, exam light and a red and black sharpee.


In the pouch beneath the chest injury panel I have four of the NARP needleless saline lock kits as well as a couple constricting bands.


The zippered pouch on the top of the main compartment I use as my diagnostic/tool pouch. I have about 10 pairs of the little black talon gloves that are rolled up in each other, an Onyx 9500 pulse oximeter, a Littman Cardiac Pro stethoscope, two rolls of 3" medical tape, a small green lens exam light and an Epipen.


One of the best things about this bag was its wide open layout. As soon as you open it pretty much everything is right there for you.


Below the zippered pouch, in the first of the open top kangaroo pouches, is my airway section. I have 2 NPAs with lube, a NARP cyclone pocket BVM, an EZ Suction bulb and a Size 5 King LT kit.


Beneath that is part of my bleeding kit, its got three rolls of Quick clot combat gauze, three 6" Emergency trauma dressings and a large abdominal sized ETD.


Under that has four rolls of S-rolled gauze, two hemcon bandages, two ACE wraps, two cravats, and a NARP Crikit. The Crikit is sort of out of place in the bleeding pouch, but it was the only place where it would fit.

In the back mesh pocket I've got two unrolled SAM splints and a c-collar as it is a necessity in the event of a vehicle rolling over.
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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by LarryDeGala » Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:31 pm

"There's no bruise or cut on 'em, but why ain't they breathin'?" :!:

Don't forget--

CPR will give a cardiac arrest victim a 5% chance of survival until s/he gets to the emergency room.

An AED on site will give a cardiac arrest victim a boost up to 60%-85% chance of survival until s/he is stabilized in the hospital.

An AED may seem expensive at first, but it would be a wise investment down the road. Invest in your Loved Ones if you believe it will improve the odds of survival.

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by JIM » Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:09 pm

You can get good aed's on ebay for $350 - 500,-

First-Aid primer and medical disclaimer

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Oneswunk » Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:31 pm

My jeep kit and drop leg.





Description/discussion thread linked in sig.

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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by PotatoMuncher » Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:10 pm

I use a M9 Aid Bag I jacked from my Aid Station before I left Fort Stewart, GA. Its a basic jump bag, and I prefer it to any other simply because of the size and weight. During my second deployment, I mostly used a USGI TC3 bag for the same reasons (I actually still have it), but this M9 bag is definitely my favorite. At the moment, it's a 99% trauma set-up, but for now it'll suffice. I have enough medication and other medical supplies in my apartment to equip a small .





I always carry enough supplies for at least three casualties, ranging from ACE wraps to USGI Combat Gauze (which, btw, I absolutely LOVE), tourniquets, Israeli's, etc. I also carry a 1000ml bag of Ringers in the very bottom compartment for obvious reasons. I use to have loads of normal saline, hextend and banana bags, but they all went to use at some point or another through out my Army career.

Ill be constantly updating this bag since I have a new job at a private ambulance company in town. Theyre pretty cool about employee's pulling supplies off the shelves as long as you don't over do it. Pretty stoked about that since now I can keep certain meds and solutions up to date without having to worry about where Ill get them next.
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Re: Show off your FAK -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by angelofwar » Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:14 pm

I tried to find the guy I got this idea off of...I always had a nice suplly of medical stuff, but thanks to whom-ever it was that gave me the idea on here to put it in a tackle box...

Here's Angel Of Wars Field hospital (along with two vehicle first-aid kits, a m3 bag, LC1 paratroopers IFAK, and some other goodies...

The whole get-up:

Main kit upper sections:

And the contents of the lower section: (includes a Mini-mag LED and a Rayovac headlamp with Eneloops batteries...reliable R/C's that don't leak and only need charged every 6 months to ensure a good charge)

The two vehicle...items are mostly indentical, just have to top them off with a few items...

LC1-Paratroopers FAK...this will be for small hiking trips, etc., or something I can throw in my range bag...

M3 Bag (still need a few items for this)

Some LC1 Compass/First Aid Pouches with survival blankets/heat pads, and some extra military bandages/gauze

A waterproof comtainer with a spare stockpile of body/hand-warmers:

Some spare medical stock:

What ya think? CONSTRUCTIVE criticism welcome...I know I need a few more items, like a nasalphagenal airway, chest seal, another SAM-splint. I'd like to get several Israeli Bandages, and torniquets, and maybe 4-5 packs of quick-clot. I'm a certified SABC instructor, and while I can't give some-one an IV, I'm seriously looking into becoming an EMT after i retire from the military. I know enough to stabilize people, control serious bleeding, and treat minor first aid-injuries (heat stroke, shock, frost-bite, dehydration, etc.) as well as battle-field injury treatments (bullet wounds, broken limbs, massive bleeding, burns, etc.).
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