Flashcards/diagnosis cards for the not quite layman

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Flashcards/diagnosis cards for the not quite layman

Post by Dogan » Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:53 pm

So, I have no formal medical experience, however I've worked in medical offices since 2006 and taken medical terminology/anatomy courses as well as reading Where There Is No Doctor/Dentist and an old (1889) copy of The Ship's Medicine Chest and Medicine at Sea. Now, my gears started turning when I was taking my Food Handler Card test and saw this in the study materials:
Now, that's just for a very limited range of afflictions and symptoms, but it breaks down the info into small, easy to digest pieces. You could hand this card to any English speaking, grade school educated adult and they could quickly and efficiently narrow down (within this range) what someone had.

My question is this: Is there a system (possibly a deck of cards like this, accompanied by an SAS Survival Guide style booklet) similar to this, but larger, more varied? Something where you could hand a deck to a layman to enable them not to treat but at least help with triage and pass along accurate info to more qualified medical personnel, and read the booklet later for better understanding/enhanced triage.

Having a 52 card deck, possibly with color-coded edges according to symptom (Black mark at the top for X, orange mark below for Y, red below that for Z) would be an awesome tool for someone who's between the layman and first responder stages of training, something that can bridge the gap between knowing what symptoms someone has and what is actually causing them. Possibly highlighting afflictions by a color coded system as well (Red = needs immediate medical attention to not die, orange = not life threatening but still serious, green = quarantine, IDK), and possibly with the two Joker cards being a body chart (Hands: See Clubs 10-K) and the other a simple glossary (ataxia = dis-coordinated movement).

Nothing to do with treatment mind you; that's several libraries worth of information. Just "Subject has X, Y and Z symptoms. That means they most likely have A, B or C and should be treated accordingly." so a person can tell doc that Smitty's got Shigella.

Does such a thing exist? :?
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Re: Flashcards/diagnosis cards for the not quite layman

Post by TheWarriorMax » Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:58 pm

Dogan wrote:
Does such a thing exist? :?
Brilliant idea. If not, needs to be done.
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Re: Flashcards/diagnosis cards for the not quite layman

Post by zXzGrifterzXz » Fri Sep 26, 2014 3:28 pm

I agree that it is a neat idea and in the right hands could be very useful. I've never seen anything like that except for homemade cheat-sheets on disease processes that EMT and Paramedic students have made. If possible I would suggest having a spot in the information for possible differential diagnosis as well. There are many disease processes which present like others depending on situation, stage, and patient.

I'd say the reason you don't see something like this at a Layman/First Responder level of care is that they cannot diagnose. Even EMTs and the ever amazing ParaGods(Paramedics, I kid because I care) can't diagnose, we can give a field impression of a patient and base our treatments off of that field impression within our scope of practice but for the most part we will end up passing our vitals and findings on to a higher level of care.

I see what you are saying about this being nothing to do with treatment but to be honest you can tell an EMT/Paramedic/nurse/doctor as much as you want but we are usually going to dig in and do our own findings/vitals anyway because unless you tell us something like "This person has a known allergy to Bee Stings" or "This person is a known type 1 diabetic" we are most likely going to thank you for your info and do our own OPQRST & SAMPLE history.
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Re: Flashcards/diagnosis cards for the not quite layman

Post by ineffableone » Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:21 pm

TheWarriorMax wrote:
Dogan wrote:
Does such a thing exist? :?
Brilliant idea. If not, needs to be done.
I would agree something like this cold be handy. Though also would admit that there are a lot of things out there that have such similar symptoms, it can be very easy for laypeople to really mess up and think they know what something is when they don't. The list of things that have "flu like" symptoms is massive.
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Re: Flashcards/diagnosis cards for the not quite layman

Post by Beowolf » Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:53 pm

I would love this, provided the inclusion of some type of legitimate citation in fine print or something.

I work in a library--I need support for scientific stuff. :awesome: But this could be a fantastic idea!
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