Combat Application Tourniquet 101

Discussions of the best (or worst) equipment to have on hand for use in the event of an injury during an emergency.

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Re: Combat Application Tourniquet 101

Post by ManInBlack316 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:56 am

So just like a regular TQ, we cinch it down and twist the windlass to stop the blood flow, it the limb still has a pulse or bleeding hasn't stopped, the TQ isn't tight enough. After we've tightened it down, we're gonna label the time on the TQ or vandalize the patient's forehead 8-) with the TQ and time marking. You can secure the TQ like I do or leave it be. After the TQ is done, move on to any other first aid stuff you need to do for them, and get them the heck out of there to a higher level of care. You can convert the high and tight TQ but you'll need another TQ to do it, and I wouldn't recommend it for most situations since you should be getting them to a hospital or local medicine person as priority one; I will discuss it later on if people want.
Is there anything people want further explained or any questions? I have a few more things I can go into but I have to hold off until I get spare medical supplies for demonstration.

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