Tour De France or some French bike thing in Yorkshire :D

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Tour De France or some French bike thing in Yorkshire :D

Post by K9medic » Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:51 pm

With less than two days notice I was asked to join a medical team for some French bike thing in Yorkshire (TDF)

The company employing me was contracted to provide 3 days of cover to a music festival on the route of the TDF (Sunday). The team consisted of 1 Doctor, 3 Ambulance techies and 3 FPOS (I) as well as an Ambulance to look after 4999 visitors and staff.

I’m the sun burn “cuddly” bloke in the middle


Here’s a picture of some of our gear (O2, defib, grab bags and consumables)


Our “first casualty” of the weekend


Over the week end there were local bands performing on the stage, what they lacked in talent they made up for in volume, lots of volume


On the Sunday afternoon the crowed began to make its way to the edge of the field to stake out a good spot to see the race (we had our third “blue light” in this bunch)


Over the whole weekend we had our fair share of cuts, lumps and bumps to deal with and used the Ambulance 3 times (2 year old girl with high fever and unexplained rash, very heavily pregnant lady, in the crowed, collapsing with stomach pains and a chip run on the Saturday night :D )

I know it says “high dependency” on the side, but it wasn’t


As it was a campsite based gig I volunteered to sleep in the Ambulance (the midges were biting) to stop idiots breaking in on the off chance we were carrying drugs (we weren’t, the Dr has a secured case in the boot of her car)


Over all it was a very good gig with minimal problems, but a few of them gave me the chance to improve my casualty assessment skills under the guidance of the Dr and a very switched on techy.

O and some people went past on bikes, but it only lasted a few minutes so not really of much interest.
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Re: Tour De France or some French bike thing in Yorkshire :D

Post by TacAir » Wed Jul 09, 2014 6:45 pm

Spank'n threads there old man, I like the colour.

Thanks for posting the images, always good to see folks having some 'fun'.
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