Newb with serious antenna issues....HELP!!!!!!!

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Newb with serious antenna issues....HELP!!!!!!!

Post by Newb4AntHelp » Sat Jun 19, 2021 11:20 am

just joined so that I might get some assistance with my antenna install: several issues (I think) with the install & I've been told (by, I'm assuming) a reputable person that there are other issues....grab a cup of coffee or a beverage of choice & lets see if I can give you all the pertinent information in the first post :)

2020 jeep rubicon with Rugged ridge spare tire reinforcement (cast aluminum)
hooke road combination flag holder/antenna mount (also aluminum)
Firestik antenna with the k4r mounting stud and qd
will be using the firestik fire ring antenna.
Also have a couple tinned copper grounding straps (8" & 5')

I have the antenna hooked up wrong, and this has been verified by firestik (I know crapola about these things, there were no instructions & I like to verify if there's a chance I might be off BEFORE doing anything drastic.

I've got an email telling me, in what exact order, to install the parts, but I have a bit of confusion

Firestik is telling me I need to sand/grind remove the powder coating from the antenna mount in order to get a good ground for the antenna, BUT, isn't that what the ground strap is for? my intent WAS to run the short ground strap from the antenna to one of the upper hinge bolts on the outside of the tailgate & then run the longer strap from the inside of the same hinge bolt to the frame....I thought that would solve the ground portion of the install, but not according to firestik???

not sure it matters, but the hole in the antenna mount is fairly large: so much so that the QD connector actually can travel 100% THROUGH the hole...slightly snug, but all the way through.

can anyone, wiser than myself offer some insight as to how to deal with this in the most effective/efficient way?

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Re: Newb with serious antenna issues....HELP!!!!!!!

Post by RoneKiln » Sun Jun 20, 2021 1:47 pm

Most of the regulars have transitioned over to the new board linked in our sig lines cause this one is shutting down. Link to it is in many of our sig lines.

I don't know jack about radios, but we have several very knowledgeable guys over there. They also tend to be the same guys troubleshooting all the glitches on the new board. So they might be a little slow to respond in detail. NT2C is the guy I'd reach out to first. You can probably message him directly on either this board or the new one.
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