Recently arrived - SW-3B QRP HRf rig

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Recently arrived - SW-3B QRP HRf rig

Post by TacAir » Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:46 am


Slightly larger the diminutive MTR-3B but with many features offered for a tiny penalty in weight.

Broadband RX - 5 to 16 Mhz. Covers several SW broadcast bands, in addition to full band coverage on 40M/30M/20 meters. 5 watts, CW/CWR/ (rx only in the LSB/USB mode) Despite being CW tx only, this fill many needs and provides NVIS capability on 40 M (7 Mhz)

Waiting for mine to arrive as it will replace my MFJ-9200. While it is just 3 bands, these bands are the most popular for QRP work in the field. The

Input can be 8 to 15 VDc,an important distinction from the MTR-3b.

At $188 USD, much less expensive the the LNR Precision MTR-#b ($300 USD) (below)


These are very compact radio sets.

More data and photos at the vendor website ... ansceiver/
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