Electric fencing and the paw

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Electric fencing and the paw

Post by Anomic1 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:43 am

I picked up 3 weaner pigs. Currently 15lbs and in a 8x12 barn stall with deep straw. I would like to move them out ASAP! For obvious reasons. I currently have a 48" woven wire perimeter fence but no paddocks. I would like to build 1 solid woven wire or cattle panel paddock about 1/4acre to rotate in, hold/seperate animals, and it will be situated where i can back truck up on a hill to unload/load animals. That one will be solid fencing since it will be used more and have more pressure on the animals from loading etc.

For the rotational paddocks i keep coming back to electric. So much cheaper, can be moved around, and i can set up different paddocks for different situations/times of year wont be faced eith fixed paddocks from permament fence. The downside is i hate to buy stuff that will be useless in the paw. Even a solar fence will need batteries which only last so long etc etc. do i want to get home from a power outage and find all my bbq gone??? Should i just get some big batteries and have plenty of spares and go solar?

Btw as a true prepper i decided to get 1 male and 2 females just in case paw comes soon and then i can breed them!

Here they are! Ossabow boar and different moms a tamworth, hampshire, and large black.

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Re: Electric fencing and the paw

Post by KYZHunters » Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:55 am

Pigs are smart; from my experience, once they learn what the electric fence is all about they won't keep trying it. The lady I bought my first sows from didn't even have her fence 'hot' and moved her girls around quite easily. One time I was castrating piglets and their squealing freaked the sow out. She went through a woven wire fence, crashed through a gate but stopped at the single strand electric fence.
I'd train them with a very hot AC charger and then switch to solar. Since solar chargers don't have near the oomph of the AC types having a good ground and keeping the wire weed free is critical. Also consider a high vis tape vice wire so there is no doubt where the line is.
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