Any ZS types left in NEPA (Lackawanna, Monroe, Wayne counties or general vicinity)?

Place to find and meet up with other members of the ZS community in your area of the world and organize. Note: ZS is not responsible if you find the crazy people.
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Any ZS types left in NEPA (Lackawanna, Monroe, Wayne counties or general vicinity)?

Post by Celtic_Fury » Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:50 pm

Hey y'all, since my epic :awesome: return under a new moniker and new-ish home base in the northeast quadrant of PA (in the Pocono Mountains of Lackawanna county to be precise-ish), I've noticed that PA ZSC:002, the chapter roughly associated with my new base of operations, is inactive...has been for many moons, apparently. Even though the chapter's been non compus mentus for the last five years or so, it'd still be cool to link up with anyone who was once part of it, maybe even potentially get things rolling again on some level?

PA's a damned big commonwealth, there should be a few of you left who still have the want/need/desire to do this thing and maybe reinvigorate this community while there's still a "normal" world to do things in/for/to...anyone?
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