Survival Documentary Looking for Millennial Woman

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Survival Documentary Looking for Millennial Woman

Post by BoltAction » Mon May 16, 2016 7:06 pm

Looking for people who think they can hack 45 Days in the CO Backcountry. I have gear sponsors from several manufacturers, and distributors but am using kickstarter to fund the airline travel. I need people who are willing to go, but are fit enough to make the 100 mile hike, survive for a month, and then hike back. No real outdoor experience required, however preferred. Trip dates ~June 30th to Aug 20th. (Back in time for college)

The Documentary:

A true outdoor survival documentary, five average everyday millennial women learn to survive in the remote wilderness of Colorado. The trip will start off with a week long hike into the Backcountry, followed by a month of hunting, fishing, trapping and foraging to survive. Finally, the group will have to hike back out of the woods. This is real wilderness survival, not some (un)Reality TV nonsense!

Project information on ... =discovery

Sign up to be considered to be a part of the documentary:

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I will be leading the group on this expedition, training and watching over the participants however it will be up to each member to be an active participant in surviving during the expedition.
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