Northern New England meet and greet.

Place to find and meet up with other members of the ZS community in your area of the world and organize. Note: ZS is not responsible if you find the crazy people.

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Northern New England meet and greet.

Post by majorhavoc » Sun May 25, 2014 8:27 am

In response to our chapter's recent deactivation, let's see if we can get together and discuss our options. And commiserate over the long summer hiatus for AMC's The Walking Dead. :vmad:

I'm in southern Maine. Other ZS members/ZS forum members/ZS forum casual lurkers in Maine, New Hampshire or Eastern Massachusetts interested in getting together for an easy social event, please sound off. New England ZS'ers from further afield are more than welcome, of course.

I'm thinking of a cheap restaurant or bar somewhere on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. The purpose of this social gathering will be as follows:

1) First and foremost: just a fun little meet and greet. If all you know about ZS are the forums, you're in for a treat. I've yet to meet an ZS'er in the flesh who isn't a genuinely cool person.

2) Discuss future events, including a down-and-dirty charity event. Something as simple as a summer cookout that includes a non-perishable food drive. Or something as ambitious as fielding a New England Zombie Squad team for a charity walk. Or any other ideas people might have. But something very doable that doesn't require a lot of organizing and handwringing.

Location of this first meet and greet will be determined by who shows interest and where they live. Attendees won't be committing themselves to anything. I want to stress that: just come and have a good time. We'll gauge interest in preserving chapter status with future events, election of officers, etc, but people will be under zero obligation to take it any further.

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