Survival Game: The Long Dark free for download today (12/19/20)

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Survival Game: The Long Dark free for download today (12/19/20)

Post by majorhavoc » Sat Dec 19, 2020 3:11 pm

A PSA of sorts. Epic Games is having their 15 Days of Holiday Games promotion. Each day features a free game. These aren't current A-list titles obviously. But the Long Dark has pretty good reviews. It doesn't have zombies, but does feature an apocalyptic scenario (geomagnetic event).
And according to reviewers, the hungry wolves and unforgiving weather mechanics of a Canadian winter are more than enough to terrify.

It's a few years old but that means it's more likely to run on your computer if it's not a current 4K, VR-ready gaming rig. ... -dark/home

Here's PCGamer's review:

A YT video overview:

And finally, if you have an older computer like mine (AMD A10 with integrated graphics, 8GB RAM) here's a link to an app that'll let you know if your system can handle this game's (by today's standards, modest) system requirements. ... quirements

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