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Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:39 pm
by 0122358
Didn't see this in the forums with a search so I thought I'd bring it to y'alls attention. Mostly because I think it needs to be boosted and I wouldn't mind playing with you guys.

But this game in its final iteration should be awesome with 100 pvp servers and helo/vic use.

Its made from the same guys who created the Project Reality mod for BF2. Described as a dumbed down ARMA or a hyped up Insurgency. From the little I've played, its intense. An hour os humping hillsides with your 9 man team, to set up FOB on some backwater hilltop and waiting another 20 minutes only to get wiped out by a concentrated effort of 18 guys using smoke as concealment and massive GP25 barrages with massive fire and maneuver.

Communication is a must and guys who know what they're doing lead squads with brutal efficiency. There is no option to go alone. Every battle I've been in where squads are not coordinated within their own members or with other squads get rampaged by the other team.

Buy it, seriously.