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Post by zero11010 » Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:26 pm

Evolve is a class based FPS.

The game is effectively multiplayer only, however, the AI can certainly take over for your team (the same formula is found in all class based FPS games). There are many different types of gameplay and modifiers for the gameplay. The basic formula is that there are 4 elite hunters tracking one very dangerous monster (think beasts from Godzilla movies, but 30 feet tall). Each game involves 5 players (four hunters and a monster). Games will have players automatically rotate through positions to keep things entertaining.

The basic classes in the game are:
* Assault - heavy damage dealer, has a personal shield which makes him invulnerable for a short time
* Medic - heals the team
* Trapper - traps the monster within a large dome forcing it to confront the hunters
* Support - can cloak the team
* Monster - the general special ability for a monster is being badass

Each of those classes has multiple characters that can fullfill the role. There are substantial differences between each. I'll try to demonstrate a single example of variation within a class.

The default assault character is Marakov.
* Lighting gun - highly damaging at close range, and capable of chaining to strike multiple targets with a single blast.
* Assault rifle - ideal for mid to long range attacks.
* Arc mines - up to 5 can be left in the world at a time (a 6th mine will automatically destroy the 1st mine)
* Personal shield - makes the character invulnerable for a short time

Another version of assault is Hyde.
* Flamethrower - with a tiny range the flamethrower makes up for this with incredible damage
* Minigun - For mid to long range, the minigun fires very inaccurately but each shot does significant damage.
* Toxic grenades - These create a large visible cloud that does significant damage over time to any monsters inside.
* Personal shield - makes the character invulnerable for a short time

With the variation between these two characters there are pretty substantial tactical advantages to having either over the other. The notion of "which character is better than which other character" can really only be answered on a case by case basis. Which map you're playing, which game mode you're playing and who your team mates are can all play vital roles in how effective your character is.

Fun tactics for Markov include leaving a trail of bombs while searching for the monster. These are things that may be unintentionally triggered by the player controlling the monster. This will alert the party to the general location of the monster, in addition to being very damaging. If either of the two sniping medics create weak spots then critical damage shots from the assault rifle will do more damage per second than the lightning gun. The lightning gun does a great job of clearing pesky small monsters on the map. They will often travel in groups and a single shot of the lighting gun will take out a group.

Fun tactics for Hyde include being able to cancel the sneak attack ability of the monster by setting it on fire a moment before it strikes (this negates a powerful tool the monster has). While only one grenade can be dropped at a time, they can be a very effective way to defend a location or get the monster to move (helpful if you're trying to revive an ally, or protect locations on defend missions), and the grenade can work very well with a support character's orbital barrage ability really limiting the safe space for the monster to move through for a moment. The minigun really shines when used with one of the medic's semi automatic sniper rifles (essentially it can place several weak spots, and the minigun's spray of bullets will all be more likely to hit weakened spots.

The variation in characters really goes a long way to making the gameplay last.

Playing the game as a monster makes the game a whole different experience.

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