Rust. Open World Survival Game; AKA Naked Dudes with Rocks

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Rust. Open World Survival Game; AKA Naked Dudes with Rocks

Post by Kelvar » Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:49 pm

Amazingly, I couldn't find any threads about this game. Has anyone else played it?

Rust is a game that is still in its Alpha phase that would appeal to many folks here. I love it. And I hate it. But it has been a long time since I've played a game that I loved to hate so much. The idea of Rust is very simple--survive. The setting is a large island (between 4 to 64 square kilometers, I think, depending on the server) and it is a sort of post-apocalyptic setting. The implication is that there has been some sort of nuclear holocaust or something, but it isn't explained. In fact, nothing is explained. You just start off naked on a beach. All you have is a rock and a torch. That's it. Merry Christmas. If you want anything--even a pair of pants--you've got to work for it. You can take your rock and bang it into a tree and get some pieces of wood for crafting. You can do the same with certain kinds of boulders. So you get your rocks and sticks and maybe you craft a stone axe. Then you can hack up wood and stone faster. Maybe you make a crude spear. Then you kill a wild boar and get some meat and materials to make clothes. You can make a bow and arrows. Eventually you can make a furnace to smelt down the metal ore and sulfur from your rocks. Then you make a metal hatchet. And so on. Eventually you can make a crude gun. Then a less crude gun. Eventually you can make a Thompson style submachinegun. Ho ho ho.

And you can take your hatchet and chop some more wood and build a cabin--that you design yourself and you decide where to put it. Sounds easy, right? Well, it could be, except you have to try to not get eaten by bears and wolves or--more importantly--other humans. Because this is a multiplayer game, you have to deal with other real live people. PVP is the default setting for most servers. Most other players are more interested in running around and braining each other with their rocks or hatchets or crude spears than they are in building *anything*. I mean, they *love* being able to just kill the shit out of every other human being they see. So instead of working together, teaming up, maybe even forming some type of society, everyone seems to prefer mindless killing of their fellow humans. Which gets in the way of other priorities--like making a pair of pants. :(

So what you have is a bunch of insane naked guys who all look alike (partly because they're all naked) running around hanging brain and trying to kill each other with stone age weapons. The rampant KOS (kill on sight) mentality really bugs me because it is so illogical. I can spawn into the game, naked with just my rock and torch just like everyone else, and within moments (sometimes), some naked dude with an identical rock is bashing my head in. Why? Clearly I'm just another naked dude with a rock, too. It's not like he's going to "search" me (eewww) and find a sniper rifle hidden up my ass. :shock: I don't have $200 Reeboks on my feet. I don't even have pants. And yet, the mad killing continues.

I have, however, found a way to enjoy the game, in spite of such asshattery. I pretend like everyone else has been driven mad by some type of rage virus. The buildings that are there (I pretend) were built before everyone lost their fucking minds. That's why no one else is trying to build anything and they will all freaking kill you without any motive besides blood lust. So my new tactic is to head for the hills as soon as I can and then only when I am far away from any other humans, I will stop and gather some resources and craft some basic tools and weapons. It is a lot of fun. Until some asshat with a clever name like "Shitlord" comes along and kills me while I'm banging my rock into a tree. I don't know. That's part of the challenge, I guess. At least in the default setting everyone has pixels over their junk.

But I do recommend it. As I said, it is still in Alpha, so a lot may change, but it is only a $20 download on Steam and well worth it. It is like a cross between Day Z, Minecraft and the film "The Crazies."

Has anyone else here played it? I've watched some really good videos on Youtube about it and they used to have some features that may or may not still be in it (I have no idea). I've seen videos where they have zombies and these small, industrial type towns with higher levels of radiation. Oh! And there are cargo planes that periodically drop off crates of supplies. I imagine there's good stuff in them--if one could survive long enough to open one. . .
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Re: Rust. Open World Survival Game; AKA Naked Dudes with Ro

Post by Black Sheep » Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:09 am

I played it extensively for a week or two. It actually had zombies in it at the very beginning but they were removed. I really enjoyed it. You can make the most of it by playing with friends and/or spawning into a server that has just been reset so there is no clique of people who have already made a fortress and machine guns.

There was a scandal online because someone had posed three naked guys together in an "intimate" way and someone else got hold of the picture and ran a story about the game being an evil gay porn generator. Incredibly funny read, all publicity is good publicity...

One fun part is spawning with friends and trying to work out where you all are and meet up. Imagine being lost in the wilderness for real with crappy maps and radios, guessing where you are and trying to describe it to others, wandering around following false directions. Weirder while being chased by radioactive wolves.

I gave up as one of my gaming buddies was a control freak who wouldn't let the rest of us build spare homesteads in case something happened to our palace, which then got trashed due to lack of occupancy. I did think while playing that there were lessons to be had, even above and beyond the childish Lord of the Flies stuff you describe. Secure shelter is really important, sensible group decision making keeps things on track. Notably good game for preppers.

Also totally worth it just for everyone running round like giant angry nude babies.
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