WarHammer 40k?

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Re: WarHammer 40k?

Post by quazi » Wed Aug 12, 2020 5:16 pm

I have been wondering if GW was planning to become a company based primarily on licensing their IP. They have to see that with 3d printing selling high-end models isn't going to be nearly as profitable a few years down the road from now. I thought maybe they'd try to focus more on selling rules, but Pete Foley has said that the team writing all of the rules for 40k was only four people, and they seem dead set against hiring enough people to do a better job of writing the rules for their game.*

So yeah, books, movies and video games might be their main future sources of income (not that they would ditch models and games entirely).

With each price hike the paranoid side of my brain thinks they are seeing just how much money they can extract from us fanboys in the short term before turning around and selling STL files in the long term.

I say this as someone who buys and will continue to buy GW products as the company creates stuff I love and I want them to continue doing so, but I worry that eventually they'll cause themselves some big problems if they continuously raise prices.

*Edit: just to clarify Pete Foley did not say the bit about being dead set against hiring more people, only the bit about the rules team being four people. He did say that four people was a relatively large team IIRC, which seems crazy to me.

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Re: WarHammer 40k?

Post by Wolfe4086 » Thu Aug 20, 2020 9:41 am

I am fairly certain GW is going to price themselves out of existence on the tabletop unless they smarten up. I literally have gone over to CG Trader and downloaded STL files for proxy models that look better than the actual GW ones. I have Leman Russ tank proxies for my Guard that look better than the Leman Russ that GW sells for a ridiculous amount when you think how the model is seemingly still the same one from years back. Since the more to Corporate it does seem that they are not longer about the customer but about how much cash they can squeeze from them. So unless GW lowers the prices or puts out STL files they are going to lose more and more money to 3d Printing, Comrade Recaster and ChinaForge.

Then listening to the ITC crowd they took a lot of the risk vs reward and complexity that made 40K fun. The ITC crowd whined about templates and armor/weapon facing slowed down their games so GW yanked it out. I won't go into the MarySue Cawl nonsense other than that if they wanted true scale marines they should have done that years ago. I am happy they moved the lore forward a bit but still overall I wish GW was more customer friendly.
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