Check your batteries, even the ones you have stored

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Check your batteries, even the ones you have stored

Post by Laager » Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:31 pm

My brother just called me to ask me if I knew how to get back into a Winchester brand gun vault because his battery had died and he replaced it and the electronic key pad would not accept his six digit code to get back in.

I told him to try the factory original code, which did not work. I then asked him if he was sure his battery was charged. He had no idea, but said both his replacement 9Vs were set to expire in 2019. I told him I'd drive down and get a new 9v and not leave with a battery that was set to expire soon, so he drove down to the Publix down the road and after checking all the 9V batteries for the one with the latest expiration date he found one that expired in 2020 and out the door he went.

Sure enough it was his replacement battery, both of them were deader than a door nail.

I thought it might be a real good idea to check my storage vault and check all my batteries.

Guess I better make a new colums in the ever growing spread sheet to things I need to keep a close look at.
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